03 March 2010

Some times you need a Big Ass Fan

I subscribe to a newsletter called TODL, that's the Trade Only Design Library. It's always chock full of interesting new stuff and one of the featured products today was this enormous fan.

They're meant for commercial spaces obviously but what cracked me up is that the company who makes them is the Big Ass Fan Company. Seriously. The Big Ass Fan Company makes fans that range from eight to 20 feet in diameter and oddly enough, they're well designed. Their Isis in particular borders on the beautiful. Who knew? Well it's nice to know that when you need a big ass fan, the Big Ass Fan Company is there to help.

Big Ass Fan's Isis model even won an award last year from Interior Design. Good job!


  1. Now this is funny!

  2. I thought it was a joke until I followed the link. Hilarious!

  3. We have these installed at The University of Florida's football stadium, in orange and blue of course. It's a big hit here in Gainesville!

  4. And here I was thinkin' you were referring to me,your biggest fan! Love that TODL place. Great finds.

  5. Laurie: Geez Laurie, thanks! I was suspicious of TODL at first but they really do know how to showcase an idea.

    Raina: Amen. I mean, what else would you call a ceiling fan that's 20 feet in diameter?

  6. Ha! Love it
    I love the use of the 'Big Ass' adjective phrase in any instance.
    You could say I'm a big ass fan of 'Big Ass'
    That's a cool air mover arounder.

  7. Due to an inner-ear disorder I occasionally experience Vertigo Attacks, thus I HATE anything that spins. Big Ass fans included! Smiles -Brenda-


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