30 April 2018

Clever Space-Saving Tips for Your Apartment


With the size of the average US apartment measuring around 889 square feet, apartments are steadily shrinking as developers squeeze in as many units as possible. But however small you think your living space may be, it's likely to be much bigger than one particular apartment in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen which measures just 78 square feet. Regardless of how small your apartment, there are many tricks to maximizing every bit of space you have.

Maximize the space under your bed

Your bed is hiding lots of potential storage space underneath. If you are buying a new bed, look for one with plenty of built-in storage underneath. If you already own a bed but it's low, get some bed risers to raise it up. Then you can store away items in rollaway boxes in the new space you've created. You could even invest in an elevated bed that you fold into the wall, leaving you with a great space to use during the day.

Consider scale and proportion

When choosing new furniture, make sure you pay close attention to scale and proportion. For armchairs and couches, you need to look for designs that are compact and tight rather than a traditional three-piece sofa that will simply overpower the space. And of course, the golden rule is to try to find a piece of furniture that has built-in storage or has a multipurpose function.

Make the most of high ceilings

If you are fortunate to have an apartment with a beautiful high ceiling, then make the most of it by creating a mezzanine level with a space that you can fill with floor-to-ceiling storage. This is a fantastic way of giving your apartment a luxury feel, while also giving you an extra level between floors. And of course, some much needed extra storage.

Use visual design tricks

The ultimate trick for maximizing a small space is to distract the eye. By providing a point of visual interest, the focus will not be on how small a room actually is, but on an eye-catching design instead. Creating a busy feature wall with some bold artwork and different sized picture frames will distort the perception of space. Using mirrors is another great cheat to making a room feel much bigger and brighter.

With a little investment, time and some creative thinking it is possible to make the most out of every last bit of space in your apartment without compromising on style or comfort.

24 April 2018

How to Buy a Planter

These days, there are many interesting, quirky and lovely planters available on the market right now, available for use both indoors and outdoors. How do you choose the best one, though? Whilst a big part of this is down to your individual taste and the style of your home or garden, there are some things which you need to consider.

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To make sure you give your plants the best chance in their lives, you need to invest in the right planter for it and you should buy planters with your plants’ needs in mind.

Are You Buying the Right Size Planter?

This is perhaps the most important point to consider when investing in planters from ePlanters; no one plant is the same and you need to ensure you are buying a planter which is sufficiently sized and can cope with the plant as it begins to grow and develop.

Do not make the classic mistake of first buying or deciding on a planter and then deciding on the plant to go in it. Instead, you should decide on your plant(s) first and then buy the appropriate planter or planters. This avoids both a) you picking a planter which restricts the choices in plants you have, and b) stunting your plant’s growth prospects.

Is the Planter Suitable for What You Need?

This mostly depends on whether you are buying an indoor or outdoor planter. For instance, some planters will not fare very well with outdoor weather conditions or extreme heat. Plus, you need to take other things into consideration, such as the wind or the intensity of the sun.

If your planter is going to be exposed to the hot sun all day, every day, you will need a planter which is made from a non-porous material such as synthetic resin. This helps retain moisture and stop the soil from drying out.

Is the Planter Mobile?

Often overlooked, the mobility of a planter is a very important consideration. With some plants, you will need to move them around often or occasionally and you are going to want a planter which makes this as easy and painless as possible.

If you need to be able to move your plant around, you should think twice about buying a very heavy or cumbersome planter which is going to make the job excessively difficult. Although a concrete urn-style planter may look wonderful, you are not going to be able to move it very easily! They are designed to stay put.

You should avoid thinking that buying a planter is a simple job; it’s not! When you are thinking about buying a planter, you need to ensure it fits the needs of your plants, is suitable for what you need, and you have given a thought to mobility. Picking a planter is not simply a case of buying the prettiest one, it requires a lot of foresight and you should definitely choose the plant you want first, to avoid disappointment later down the line if you buy a planter which is too small for your desired plant.

15 April 2018

What to Consider Before Opting for Bin Hire

There are many different reasons why you might find yourself in need of bin hire in Melbourne. From home renovations through to commercial demolition projects, skip bin hire is the best way to effectively and conveniently carry out a large rubbish removal job. However, there’s much to consider before you go ahead and book in with a bin hire Melbourne company. Here are some of the necessary measures you should take to ensure the best bin hire experience.

Consider the Materials

Prior to contacting local providers of bin hire in Melbourne, it’s a good idea to identify what kinds of materials you’ll be filling the bin with, as it’s likely that the nature of your project will impact what kind of bin you should and can hire. There are also many instances where professional assistance with the removal may be necessary. For tasks like asbestos removal and disposal of huge amounts of waste, you’ll need an expert team to take on the job in the safest manner, as they’ll have access to the necessary equipment, technologies and techniques.

You should also look into services like excavation, demolition and site clean ups before picking a bin, as these services may actually offer a more effective and efficient solution than hiring a single bin. It might also be a good idea to look into selling any recyclable or biodegradable products to recycling companies.

Consider the Bin Type

Once you’ve properly identified the kind of project you need a bin for, it’s a good idea to start investigating the different products available from bin hire Melbourne providers. There are many versatile and practical skip bin sizes that can help you achieve your rubbish removal needs. Whether you need a mini skip or something larger, a good provider will be able to help you out and provide you with the best bin type and size to suit your requirements. At this stage, you should consider how much waste you’re intending to get rid of and choose a bin accordingly.

If you’re intending on removing rubbish for a larger job, it’s a good idea to get a professional team on board for assistance. This will help to reduce hassle, plus you won’t have to carry any heavy and difficult loads on your own. Bin hire experts are also aware of various safety precautions to help guarantee a smoother rubbish removal process.

Consider Different Providers

For the best rubbish removal experience, you should look into different bin hire Melbourne providers that are capable of tackling the job. No matter how big or small your project is, it pays off to conduct as much research as possible on the provider before forming a relationship with them. Looking for credibility, reputability and a good amount of experience will no doubt guarantee a better experience and a smoother journey.

Consider different providers in your local area and compare their prices so you know you’ll be getting the best deal possible. If you’re unsure about what kind of bin you specifically need, simply talk to an expert that can advise you on the best bin for your needs.

13 April 2018

How To Save Money When You Are Buying And Moving Into A New Home


Moving can be a major expense, especially when it directly follows the purchase of a home.  On top of all of the costs associated with your down payment and any closing costs charged by your realtor, you have the expense of moving and then dealing the cost of any unexpected things that need to be repaired or replaced once you move in. Yikes!

A lot is going to happen so it’s best to make sure that you are prepared for it and that you know how to save money during this process. You don’t want to go into your new home already upside down or underwater with debt.

Hire A Moving Company

Too many people assume hiring a moving company is the worst thing to do. They think that doing so will cost them a lot more money than simply conducting the move on their own. While there might be those rare cases when someone can save money by moving everything on their own, it is usually the other way around.

The reason for this is because you might have a lot of stuff that will require multiple trips in multiple vehicles to get it all done. This will put a lot of wear and tear on those vehicles, especially with their suspension systems because of all of the extra weight being transported. Then you have the cost of gasoline for all of the vehicles as well. All of that can add up to a lot of money. Then you’ll want to calculate what your time is worth. Instead of using the few days off of work to move and unpack, you might have to spend all of your time moving. You’ll then be back to work before you have a chance to even get started on organizing anything in your new home. As you can imagine, hiring a professional moving company such as Allied Van Lines may be the more affordable choice. They will also save you a lot of time as well.

Get What You Can For Free

If you are still a little nervous about the cost of moving into your new home, you can always take the time to find used packing materials that you can make use of. Stop by your local grocery or department stores on their delivery days and ask if you can have their boxes. They should be willing to give them to you for free and then all you have to purchase is the packing tape and maybe some bubble wrap.

Once you are done with the boxes, you can recycle them or pass them on to another person who might have a need for them. As long as they are still sturdy, they can be tapped up again and again for future use.

You might also want to take some time to talk with friends and family who have just recently moved. Ask what they did to cut back on the cost or what they wish they would’ve done differently. This way, you can learn from their experiences and mistakes in order to ensure that you are saving as much cash as possible.

These are just a few tips that you can use to reduce the cost of your next move. Trust us: you will be glad that you did since you never know when an unexpected expense is going to pop up once you’re in the new house.

10 April 2018

Reducing the Cost of Your Move


While moving is certainly something that most people prefer not to do, it is something you will do several times throughout your life. A new job in another city, the birth of a child or a retirement, are just a few of the reasons people move. Regardless of the reason, moving is expensive, hectic and stressful. However, there are ways to reduce the overall cost of your move and make the process a bit easier for you and your budget.

Create a Plan and Establish a Budget

Planning your move in advance will allow you to complete all the necessary things for a successful, uneventful move. Try to schedule movers at least a month or two in advance so you know roughly the cost up front. make sure that you factor in everything such as your travel expenses, packing supplies and cleaning supplies. This way when you arrive at your new home you'll have money available to make the improvements you want like upgrading or remodeling your kitchen.

Finding Reliable Movers

Everything you own will reside on the truck so it's important that you take your time and research companies ahead of time. Get at least two to three quotes and then check their record of service from testimonials of actual people who used them. You can acquire names of companies like North American Van Lines through family, friends, and co-workers of look online. Once you have the estimates in front of you, you can then make a decision based on the fees and service records. Additionally, make sure to ask about larger items you may have like a piano or appliances to see what the additional cost will be.

Consolidate Before You Pack

The last thing you want is to move into your new home and have a lot of things you either don't need or don't want. Before starting the packing process, declutter. This may take you a few days to achieve, but in the end, it will save you space in your new place to add new things. It will also save you money on the cost of the moving company by using less room on the truck. With the items you don't want to take along you have several options. You can have an estate sale and make some extra cash to apply towards the move, give things away to family and friends or donate the furnishings and clothing to a local charity.

Time to Pack

Now that you have things sorted out it's time to start the packing process. Here's where you can save a lot of money. The moving company is going to offer to supply the boxes in the allotted qualities and sizes you agreed to, however, they come with a pretty hefty price tag. Instead, a better option is to check with the local businesses in your area to see if they can save boxes for you. Even if you need to go to several places and make more than one trip they are "Free". Additionally, you can use linens, towels, newspaper and even coffee filters to wrap up fragile items, adding more to your savings. You will need to purchase packing tape but this will not cost you a few dollars versus several hundred dollars.

Schedule Your Move During the Off Season

In addition to packing your own boxes and acquiring them for free, you can save even more money by scheduling your move during the off-season. The months of September through February will give you the best rates. If you are unable to do that, then at least make the move the second or third week of the month and try if at all possible to avoid the weekend.

Moving doesn't have to cost you your entire savings. With a willingness to do some of the work yourself, decluttering and acquiring the boxes for free, you are well on your way to having a successful, stress-free move.

06 April 2018

5 Tips to Decorating Your Kitchen

Meals are prepared in your kitchen and it’s the room where each member of your family hangs out and everyone converges. Whether you get to the kitchen to get some water to drink, prepare a quick meal due to your busy schedule or catch up over the weekend with your family around the kitchen island, it needs to be an inviting and functional space.

Although remodeling your kitchen is a sure way to give it a new look, there are other simple ways to decorating your kitchen without breaking the bank. Here are tips to help you spruce up your kitchen to an inspiring room where you look forward to each day and enjoy preparing your meals:

Top 5 Easy Ways to Decorating Your Kitchen

1. Create a Focal Point

What grabs your attention the moment you walk through the kitchen door into the cooking room? Is it the backsplash, the kitchen island or the walls? What do you want to stand out in your kitchen? Hang an artwork on a wall or paint it in a bold color you want in your cooking space to act as the focal point.

Alternatively, find wallpaper with a beautiful pattern or texture and fix it on one wall in the kitchen to make it stand out. Using colored tiles on your backsplash, colored bar stools or appliances can also give your kitchen an instant new look, atop making it inviting.

2. Add Open Shelving

Open shelves give you an option to display your collectibles for an attractive look. Color coordinate items on your shelves and keep them minimal for a clean yet attractive look. Open cabinets is a great alternative to installing shelves if there’s not much space in your kitchen.

Remove cabinet doors or replace them with glass doors to display your items. Chinaware, matching glasses, food stored in transparent containers, cookie jars and vases are some great accessories to display on your open shelves.

3. Use Grey PVC Tablecloths

Dressing your kitchen table or island is both functional and decorative. Grey PVC doesn’t just add a modern look in your kitchen, but also protects your table surface from spillages.

4. Create a Display Gallery on a Kitchen Wall

If your kitchen looks boring with plain walls, consider creating a gallery to add some visual interest. Vintage dishes, framed album covers, different types of mirrors, fabric swatches, framed wallpaper, baskets, empty frames in varying sizes and shapes, and antiques can make up a beautiful wall gallery in your kitchen.

Choose patterned, symmetrical, asymmetrical or freestyle item placements on your wall. Try an arrangement on the floor before fixing things on your wall gallery to ensure that once you fix something, you don’t have to remove it. It’s all about being creative and playing around with the items to use in your gallery and how to place them. Have fun!

5. Add Chalkboard Paint

Dress up one of your kitchen walls in chalkboard paint. It won’t just act as a backdrop for other colorful items in your kitchen, but is also bound to create visual interest. A gallery or floating shelf on part of the board can help create a layered, unique look for an inspired wall you can use to list your menu each day.

Whether you want to decorate your kitchen in a natural, contemporary, modern, traditional or cozy design style, you won’t go wrong with these tips.

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