13 April 2018

How To Save Money When You Are Buying And Moving Into A New Home


Moving can be a major expense, especially when it directly follows the purchase of a home.  On top of all of the costs associated with your down payment and any closing costs charged by your realtor, you have the expense of moving and then dealing the cost of any unexpected things that need to be repaired or replaced once you move in. Yikes!

A lot is going to happen so it’s best to make sure that you are prepared for it and that you know how to save money during this process. You don’t want to go into your new home already upside down or underwater with debt.

Hire A Moving Company

Too many people assume hiring a moving company is the worst thing to do. They think that doing so will cost them a lot more money than simply conducting the move on their own. While there might be those rare cases when someone can save money by moving everything on their own, it is usually the other way around.

The reason for this is because you might have a lot of stuff that will require multiple trips in multiple vehicles to get it all done. This will put a lot of wear and tear on those vehicles, especially with their suspension systems because of all of the extra weight being transported. Then you have the cost of gasoline for all of the vehicles as well. All of that can add up to a lot of money. Then you’ll want to calculate what your time is worth. Instead of using the few days off of work to move and unpack, you might have to spend all of your time moving. You’ll then be back to work before you have a chance to even get started on organizing anything in your new home. As you can imagine, hiring a professional moving company such as Allied Van Lines may be the more affordable choice. They will also save you a lot of time as well.

Get What You Can For Free

If you are still a little nervous about the cost of moving into your new home, you can always take the time to find used packing materials that you can make use of. Stop by your local grocery or department stores on their delivery days and ask if you can have their boxes. They should be willing to give them to you for free and then all you have to purchase is the packing tape and maybe some bubble wrap.

Once you are done with the boxes, you can recycle them or pass them on to another person who might have a need for them. As long as they are still sturdy, they can be tapped up again and again for future use.

You might also want to take some time to talk with friends and family who have just recently moved. Ask what they did to cut back on the cost or what they wish they would’ve done differently. This way, you can learn from their experiences and mistakes in order to ensure that you are saving as much cash as possible.

These are just a few tips that you can use to reduce the cost of your next move. Trust us: you will be glad that you did since you never know when an unexpected expense is going to pop up once you’re in the new house.

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