26 November 2018

Great Ideas for Designing a Smaller Bathroom


Making tight small spaces look good can be a real challenge especially if you have little to no knowledge of design. But thanks to the internet, decorating your personal space can be less of a headache. These clever hacks will help you get your bath in order and on a budget!

When you’re dealing with a limited square footage, it’s normal to make function your first priority. However, it’s also easy to compromise aesthetics when you’re worried about where to put what. It gets even more challenging when you have plenty of design options but have no idea which best to adapt.

This guide helps you get the anxiety out of the way so you can take charge and make your space work for you.

Use Light Colors

Using soft, lighter shades helps disperse and reflect light producing the effect of a bigger, more open space. If you want to have a brighter bath interior, this hack is a quick fix. It’s especially useful if your bathroom has a lot of mounted and built-in features.

White is a common choice, but you can experiment with monochromes or muted tones of your favorite shades.

Use the Same Materials for Your Floors and Walls

Often, the secret to efficient bath design is to trick the eye. Aside from using lighter tones as your bathroom theme, opting for a unified wall and floor design makes it harder to differentiate where one ends and the other begins, making your space look larger than it is.

Marble works best for the purpose although tiles are a good choice as well.

Use Open Shelves

Instead of using closed-up cabinets to store your bath items, you can instead opt for open shelves. Closed cabinets add bulk to the space and usually leave no room for aesthetic play.

By using tiered, open shelves, on the other hand, you can display not only your lovely bathroom items but also some design pieces that can add character to your overall setup. Not to mention, open shelves can be placed anywhere from the back of your bathroom door to that little space between your toilet and the bathroom wall.

You may also try using ladder shelves. This is a great open-shelf idea that plays with how the mind perceives depth by using tapered lines that only accumulate bulk near the floor.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are fantastic reflectors, and incorporating them into your design can help make the space appear roomier and open. If you’re going to use a flat mirror, go for a large one, and install it behind your sink.

Opt for the mirror to drop down the floor instead of cutting at the chest or waist. You can also strategically put a vanity opposite a window to maximize the amount of natural light that is dispersed throughout the room.

Use Space-Saving Bathroom Fixtures

This is good advice if you’re starting from scratch or doing a full remodel. With limited surface space and functionality in mind, purchase ergonomically designed bathroom fixtures that are not only functionally efficient but also space-saving.

For example, instead of buying a standard toilet model, you can opt for a macerating toilet, which is not only compact in design but also easy to install and fit into small spaces. You may also fix a towel shelf that straddles the height and length of the toilet tank. You can use this to store small bathroom items. Additionally, if you have a small space available above the tank, you can consider squeezing in a medicine cabinet.

Light Up Your Ceiling

Extend the reach of light to your ceiling to create the illusion of a larger space. You can put up sconces beside your vanities or line a LED strip around the area of the wall just immediately below the ceiling. If you prefer to use traditional bulbs, make sure you choose one with maximum luminescence so it adequately covers the whole area.

Use Plants

Plants have a way of charming up any space, no matter how small. They also work well with windowless rooms and can help tune out the claustrophobic appeal. If you want to instantly freshen up a small bathroom, integrate a small touch of green, and see your space transform.

Make it your statement piece by using a gorgeous metallic vase to add edge and character. Instead of using leafy indoor species, you may also opt for creative terrarium setups.

Although the bathroom environment can be harsh for plants, especially with its constantly changing temperature and humidity level, there are plants that can thrive its rough conditions, regardless of whether or not you have a green thumb.

Here’s a great list from Natural Living Ideas.

Final Word

Making a small bathroom look stylish and expensive is not impossible, even when you’re on a budget. Feel free to follow these tips, but don’t be afraid to experiment with your own style. The sky is the limit.

Save time and money with Dryel

A couple of months ago, my friends at CR Brands sent me a sample kit of Dryel, the at-home dry cleaner. While I was happy to receive a sample, I have to admit I was a bit of a skeptic.

About a month after I put the kit away in the laundry room, Frank and I had tickets to the Pennsylvania Ballet’s season opener in Philly and since it was kind of a big deal I had to wear a suit. I don’t have to get dressed like that very often but when I do I want to look as sharp as anyone does given the circumstances.

When I pulled out my suit I realized that there was an oil spot in the lapel I hadn’t noticed before. The suit I wanted to wear was light gray and the oil stain was as obvious as the nose on my face. I was a bit miffed but I remembered that I had a Dryel kit waiting in the wings and now was the chance to use it.

I sprayed the stain with the included stain spray and then put my entire suit into a Dryel bag along with a Dryel cleaning cloth. I put that whole shebang into the dryer and crossed my fingers. 20 minutes later I took my damp-ish suit out of the Dryel dryer bag and hung it up as instructed. In less than ten minutes, my suit was ready to wear and honestly, the oil stain on the lapel was gone completely. It was like magic. It saved me about 12 bucks, at least two day’s time and a whole lot of heartache.

Putting a wool suit in the dryer was a bit of a leap of faith but man it worked perfectly.

Dryel is a terrific product and while even they’ll admit it doesn’t replace dry cleaning completely, it’s a great way to freshen and spot clean clothes between dry cleanings. Dry cleaning anything is an expensive pain in the butt but Dryel does take away some of the sting.

Dryel works in the dryer. A Dryel kit comes with a fabric laundry bag and four cleaning cloths. The cleaning cloths are activated by the heat of the dryer and the bag concentrates the steam produced. That steam dissolves oils and odors and an included spot cleaning pen makes short work of more obvious problems like my oil stain.

Dryel’s available in the laundry aisle in most grocery stores as well as at Target and Walmart. I found it the other day at the two grocery stores I frequent, Wegmans and Giant. It retails for less than ten bucks and included in that kit are four cleaning cloths and it’s safe to consider those four cloths as four trips to the dry cleaners. Dryel kits pay for themselves after one use and that’s pretty cool.

One use turned this skeptic into a believer so give them a shot, you won’t regret it.

20 November 2018

How To Get The Right Lighting In Your Home

When it comes to interior design, it is important that you consider the lighting and how it might affect the look of the room, this is one of the most important aspects when choosing to buy or hire fairy lights in Melbourne. Getting the lighting right is not always easy but there are some things that you can do. Here, we are going to give you some tips on how you can get the right lighting in your home. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Consider The Size

If you are planning on adding an interesting overhead lighting piece, then you should make sure that you get the scale right. Huge overhead lighting can work really well but you should make sure that you place other lights in the same room in the right place in relation to it. Consider going for some geometric shapes that will make your room look amazing.

Use Table Lighting

One of the mistakes that a lot of people make when lighting their home is to only use overhead lighting. Table lighting is very important, and it can really help to improve the atmosphere that the room has overall. This is why you should consider investing in some table lamps from Pagazzi.com which could look amazing in your living room, bedroom or hallway. Table lamps can totally change the entire look of the room so don’t underestimate them when planning your design.

Mix And Match 

Another great tip for those who want to get their lighting right in their home is to mix and match the colours. Think about choosing a few different lamps that you can place in the same room for a great effect. Don’t overdo it with the mix and match but make sure to make a statement with your colour choices. You will love the effect that this has on your rooms.

Choose Statement Lamps

When it comes to choosing the lamps that you are going to have in your home, think about investing in some statement pieces. These can be one of the main features in your living room or bedroom and it will impress all of your guests. Make your lamps eye catching especially if you aren’t opting for a statement ceiling light as you will need something to draw attention to.

Try Out Different Ceiling Light Styles

Our final tip for those who want to get the lighting right in their home is to try out some different ceiling light styles. You’ll find that you can get many different types of styles and it is important that you try out a few of them. Think about adding some strip lighting to one room and a chandelier to another. Try out different styles and you will be able to find one that you love. Each room has a different purpose, so it makes sense that it has a different style. While you are trying out different styles also consider different types of bulbs as these can have a massive effect on how the room appears overall.

Final Verdict

If you want to get your lighting right in your home, then you should make sure to think about the tips that we have given you in this article. Consider adding a mixture of table lamps, floor lamps and overhead lighting to each room to make it work for every occasion. You should also think about mixing and matching on your colours and designs when it comes to table lamps and make sure to try out different light bulb shades. Follow these tips and you should be able to have an amazing looking home.

15 November 2018

Holiday drain prep with Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover

It's holiday time and this marks the end of my one year brand ambassadorship with Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover.

It's hard to believe that it's been a year already and in that year I've completely changed my brand loyalties when it comes to drain cleaners. Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover just works better than its competitors and I've found that by not waiting around for a clog to form, I can pre-empt their formation all together by integrating Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover into my usual schedule of home maintenance and cleaning.

Now that the holidays are upon us, preventive maintenance is even more important.

Holiday season means a regular stream of visitors and all those visitors mean an added strain on my plumbing system. All of the additional cooking I'll be doing for the next six weeks or so will just ad to an easily overburdened plumbing system in this old house.

If I can keep my drains free flowing it'll prevent the embarrassment to me and my guests of plumbing clogs in the middle of a gathering.

Before people start coming over and before you kick your kitchen into overdrive, take a couple of moments to run some Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover through your sink and bath drains.

Roto-Rooter has more cleaning ingredients than its competitors and of equal importance, those ingredients are suspended in a thicker and more viscous solution. That means that Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover stays together as an intact mass for a longer period of time once it's sent down the drain. It holds together longer and that gives the product more time to work at dissolving the solids that are conspiring to clog your drains.

Hair from sink and shower drains doesn't stand a chance and greasy deposits from your kitchen drain won't be able to haunt you later.

As tough on clogs as Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover is, it's also safe for your drain pipes so there's no need for concern about causing any harm to your plumbing.

So ring in the holidays with clear drains!

You can buy Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover at Home Depot, Lowe's Wal-Mart and many more stores. Give it a try and you'll see what I mean.

Holiday clean with Mean Green

This is my final post of my yearlong stint as a brand ambassador for Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser and in that year, Mean Green's gone from a product I had scant knowledge about to a product that's now the center point of my household cleaning routine.

Now that the holidays are upon us Mean Green will play a significant role in getting my house ready for company and keeping looking tip top for the duration of the season.

Holiday season means open season on drop by visits from friends and loved ones and I feel particular pressure to keep this place cleaner than usual. Not to sound too much like my mother, but I really want this place to shine when people come over.

Mean Green does a great job on my granite counters and appliances and a half cup of it in a bucket of hot water makes my travertine and wood floors cleaner than any other product I've ever found. I've found recently that it's also a great laundry pre-treatment.

I cook almost constantly and I'm forever making messes in my kitchen. It's not just the surfaces in my kitchen, as often as not I make a mess of the clothes I'm wearing. Stuff like olive oil splashed on a cotton shirt can be a real bear to get out of a cotton shirt or a pair of jeans. I've started spraying greasy spots with Mean Green right before I wash the spotted articles and it does a great job of keeping my clothes grease stain free.

After Thanksgiving, it'll be a real boon to laundering tablecloths and napkins. I'm not dreading gravy dribbles as much as I have in years past. It'll also make short work of my cooktop and wall ovens. I will be feeding multitudes and I don't particularly want my kitchen to look like it. Mean Green will come to the rescue and I don't doubt that for a second.

I cannot recommend Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser strongly enough. Their other cleaning products are well worth giving a try as well. Of particular note is Mean Green's Kitchen All Surface Cleaner; it not only works exceptionally well it smells fantastic too.

You can buy Mean Green All Purpose Cleaner, Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser, Auto and Garage and more at Target, Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Dollar General and Family Dollar stores. Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed.

08 November 2018

How To Be Proactive When It Comes To Maintaining Your Roof

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home and it is crucial to keep it maintained. If you don't take care of your roof, it is going to start to leak and that is going to lead to a host of expensive problems. While you should have your roof inspected once a year so you can find out about any major problems, you should also inspect your roof regularly on your own. There are things you can do that are going to extend the life of your roof and save you thousands of dollars in the process. Read on to learn the top tips that are going to ensure that your roof is going to look its best.

Keep Tree Branches Away From Your Home
Tree branches can be a big problem since they can rub on your roof and damage your shingles. Tree branches can also provide a pathway for rodents and squirrels to get access to your roof where they can chew into the leaves and make a nest. Tree limbs can also drain water onto your roof and the shade from the branch can prevent the shingles from drying properly.

Keep The Flashing In Good Order
Most roof leaks happen around the chimneys and porch because the flashing has failed. Once the flashing has failed the roof is going to leak and you are going to end up with expensive damage. The damage can cause leaks inside of your home and it can also cause wall leaks which can be expensive to repair. If you notice that your flashing is damaged you are going to want to call a roofing company right away so you can get it repaired.

Inspect Your Skylight Seals
Having a skylight is a great addition to any home and the skylights allow a lot of light to enter your home which is very attractive. Skylights can also allow water to leak into your home since the skylight seals have a tendency to leak over time. It is important to check for leaks on a regular basis and you also want to look for evidence of leaking in the wall which will show up as bulging or discoloration.

Keep The Gutters Clean
Your gutter system is a major part of your roof and if you have old and leaking gutters, it can have a negative effect on your entire roofing system. The water can breed mosquitoes and it can also cause the eaves and fascia to start rotting which invites rodents and other pests into your home. If your gutters are not in great shape you might want to consider getting an estimate to replace them. A good gutter system is also going to prevent water from running into your foundation which can lead to settling and damage over time. Inspect your gutters once a year and if you notice any problems you are going to want to get your gutters repaired right away.

Keep Heavy Snow Off The Roof 
If you live in an area of the country where it snows on a regular basis you are going to want to avoid letting heavy snow pile up on the roof. Heavy snow can put excessive stress on the rafters which can lead to a catastrophic roof failure and lots of problems. You can invest in a special snow rake for your roof that can help you knock off all of the snow before it gets too bad. Make sure that you are very careful when you use the snow rake because a large amount of snow could end up falling on your head and you could be seriously injured or even killed.

Monitor Your Roof For Lifted Shingles
If you have experienced a bad windstorm, you are going to want to check your roof for lifted shingles. The force of the wind can cause your shingles to start to lift up and this can allow water into the roof. If you have a ladder and some roofing cement, you can glue the shingles back into place yourself. If you don't have access to this equipment you can hire a roofing company to repair your roof for you.

Replace Broken And Curled Shingles
Your roof is subject to heavy stress by the environment and all this stress is going to take a toll on your roof over time. When you notice that some of the shingles are missing or starting to curl up, you are going to want to make sure that you get the problem shingles replaced. A good roofing contractor can repair all of the problematic shingles for you so your roof is like new again. If you don't replace the damaged shingles, your roof is going to leak at some point which is going to cost you money. 

Keep Your Roof Clear Of Algae
If you live in a humid area, algae can easily start to grow on your roof and this can cause damage to your roof. The algae can eat away at the shingles which is going to cause expensive roof damage. Eventually you will have to replace the shingles. When you see that algae is growing on the roof you can spray it with a mix of bleach and water which will kill the fungus.

Once you have killed the algae and fungus install zinc strips at the edge of your roof which will act as a natural fungicide and ensure that the problem doesn't come back. You can do this yourself or have a roofing service do this for you. The roofing service is going to make all the needed repairs to your roof so you don't have to worry about any more problems.

Maintaining your roof is going to be easy when you follow these tips from Armor Services and you are going to have an easier time taking care of your roofing needs. Keeping your roof in good shape is crucial and will help you avoid making expensive roofing repairs that can cost you money.

02 November 2018

A Guide to Renting Out Your Holiday Property Abroad

In recent years, it has become exponentially more accessible to make a buck or two off renting out your living space. As more and more people have considered hosting or visiting a home, numerous more platforms have surfaced to aid each party in this endeavor.

But what about when the property you wish to rent out is overseas? Do you still have the same abilities you would in your home country? Well, some additional details come into play, but we’re here to break it down for you.

Find Out Who Can Help You

Due to the increase in demand for this type of exchange, there are plenty of companies and individuals alike who will assist you in all property rental ordeals. They are educated, reliable, and people who know the process well.

For instance, if you have considered leasing any kind of home in Thailand, a property agent for Hua Hin will have the necessary resources to better assist you in going about renting it out. These resources include but are not limited to offering multilingual capabilities, knowledge of the local market, and more. They are well aware of the ins and outs of their field as they specialize in its features. Thus, they can take full control of your leasing expedition without any worry at all.

Asking for help is a good idea no matter what the circumstances are. However, it’s even more important when you are consulting with people who have knowledge of local markets for foreign real estate.

Check Legalities

Renting out your property, especially overseas, can be especially tricky when dealing with the law. Every country has its own legal system, and therefore, its own means of home owning and leasing structures.

Semantics such as insurance, liabilities, taxes (specifically for the nation in which the property resides), and more – these are key details to look into prior to putting your house or apartment up for lease. Always make sure you are doing the needed research depending upon the country of your abode. Failure to do so could end disastrously.

After all, you are no longer responsible just for your own dealings in your home country. Now your actions are overseas as well. This is one of the most imperative aspects, as it can land you in big trouble if you do not comply.

Clean Out Your Holiday Property If You Are Not There

Most likely you won’t know the individuals renting your space, and you will be miles away should anything go south. That’s why you want to make sure you clean out your home of any and all valuables well before anyone else arrives. Foreign real estate agents may be helpful in assisting you to lease the property, but once your renters are in, their actions are largely out of your hands.

Just as you would not leave expensive jewelry out in your hotel room or food in the fridge when you leave home for a while, be sure to avoid making similar trivial mistakes in your holiday property. If your belongings are stolen or used without your permission, it is a deed hard to undo. And if the food you left in the fridge rots only to be discovered by your new tenants, it is a discomfort that does not kick things off on the most positive terms.

Additionally, prepare to make some purchases for the home even when you’re away. Just like any good landlord, if something breaks or needs maintenance, it is up to you to handle it.

In Summation

There are numerous opportunities when it comes to renting out your holiday home. You can become prosperous while staying law-abiding and safe. Many nations account for property rental from abroad, and you should feel secure in your ability to lease your house so long as you follow the simple steps above.

Renting your home overseas can be a big responsibility, as you are preparing an entire space that is both your own and yet for the livelihood of another. However, it can be hugely beneficial financially and even result in making connections that transcend borders.