16 December 2020

A Short History Of Refrigeration

We were all born in generations that had fridges, so we take them for granted. Without one, we would have to eat food as soon as we buy it. That would be a huge time-waster, and it would be a nuisance for all of us. It's an appliance that everyone needs, even more than a TV.  

We keep all of our snacks and drinks there, and we often forget how big of a role they play in society. A few thousand years ago, humans mastered fire, but to master cold was a completely different challenge. It's challenging because the laws of physics don't allow us to control it as easily as fire and heat. Follow this link for more info http://www.historyofrefrigeration.com/.

How did it all start? 

Ancient civilizations relied on complex irrigation tunnels that brought water to their crops. This was essential to their survival. The Persians are the only civilization that added cooling along with the water. They made a pyramid-like structure that could produce ice during the cool temperatures of the night.  

It was such a common thing that even the poor people enjoyed iced tea more than two millennia ago. The downside of this technology is that it didn't work in the places of the civilizations that tried to mimic them.  

Others relied on bringing ice from the mountains and using it or cutting pieces of it during the winter and trying to store it. There was an entire market for it, and there were traders in Greece, Italy, and Spain.  

People climbed mountains to cut ice during the night, and they came back to the cities to sell it during the day. After two thousand years, Britain realized the power of the Persian buildings and started making freezing pools based on that technology.  

This gave the wealthy families ice over the winters. After a hundred years, even the general public could enjoy cool drinks and delicious desserts. The technology spread to America and the rest of the world. In the year 1851, James Harrison used a steam machine to make ice with the help of a flywheel and a compressor.  

Another one was made for chilling beer, and that was the first known refrigerator. Now, new opportunities started to pop up. Since the machine was invented in Australia, these machines could be used on ships, and they could transport meat and fruits to the rest of the world.  

This made ice quite cheap, and many people installed their own iceboxes. This was the earliest version of the commercial fridge. It looked like a cupboard, but there was an opening at the top where you could put a block of ice. When it melted, an iceman would give you a new one, and that served to keep food cold. People did it all the way until the 1940s.  

Technology comes to the rescue 

The United States started selling refrigerators in 1918. They were super expensive, and many people didn't bother getting one since they didn't have electricity in the first place. It was a complicated machine, and it was quite difficult to stop them from catching fire.  

When people installed electricity in their homes, the prices started to go down, and the design had improved considerably. By the 70s, most families had a fridge. Nowadays, almost all homes have them. One of the best things about them is that they can store out of season foods for a long time.  

If you want to eat strawberries during the winter, you can. Fresh produce is always on the shelves, and all the foods have the same nutritional value as they did before they were stored. However, the options aren't limited only to food.  

Hospitals use them to keep blood supplies, as well as vaccines. We also have air conditioners at home and in our cars which work on the same principle. The technology hasn't changed in the last hundred years. However, many minds are tackling this problem because global warming is becoming a major issue. The planet is becoming warmer, and we might need to find a way to cool it down.  

What does the future hold? 

Commercial refrigeration is still far from perfect. There are many ways in which it can be improved. First of all, 75 million people each year are becoming urbanized. This is mainly because developing countries are making progress and improving their livelihoods.  

They need to keep their food fresh, but there is still a missing link in the cold chain. More than 20 percent of all the food produced in the world becomes waste. That's a fifth. Sometimes we throw it away, but sometimes food spoils when it gets distributed or refrigerators break down.  

There are more than 1.5 billion home fridges at the moment, as well as a hundred million commercial ones. This number is only going to rise. We always pay the price when it comes to technology and urbanization, and expanding the cold chain isn't any different.  

One of the hot topics today is the greenhouse effect. This is a process that happens when carbon dioxide levels increase and the atmosphere heats up. You can go to this site for more info.  This, combined with the release of refrigerants can be quite dangerous for the future.  

Can the design be improved? 

There are many solutions and ways to improve the efficiency of refrigerators. One of the most recent discoveries is the introduction of inverter-controlled compressors. These compressors work best with brushless motors, and they are the most efficient option today.  

The efficiency is amazing, and depending on the cooling demand, they can modify their rotation speed. This can range anywhere from 15, up to 100 percent. Everything is done automatically, and this reduces power consumption by 25 percent.  

The less power they use, the better it is for the environment. Processors equipped with predictive algorithms can solve many of the problems we face today, and one by one, they can make a small change in the world. This, along with a reduction in CO2 and new mechanisms that optimize defrost intervals will be a part of the future.  

14 December 2020

Scott's Liquid Gold and me


A couple of weeks ago, I received a box of product samples from Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care. Although it's a product I use and recommend already, I am being compensated for this post.

Many years ago, when I was starting out as a kitchen and bath designer, stainless steel kitchen appliances had hit the mainstream in a very big way. I was interning under a kitchen designer in the '90s and we spent a lot of time talking to clients and potential clients about caring for stainless steel.

Stainless steel refrigerators were just starting to catch on and at the time they were a lot more expensive that the-then default finish colors: white, black and bisque (shudder). People who had them already complained that they were impossible to keep shiny and people considering them wondered why they should spend more money for something that would look bad in the long run.

Stainless steel, like any shiny surface, shows fingerprints and smudges very easily. But because stainless is practically a mirror, especially when it's a large vertical surface like a fridge, those prints and smudges are really obvious.

I had lunch one afternoon with my Sub-Zero representative and I brought up the fingerprint problem as an objection I needed to be able to address when I was talking to clients about stainless in general and Sub-Zero in particular.

She told me to use a furniture polish, Scott's Liquid Gold specifically, to clean stainless steel. I was taken aback because it seemed like such a strange recommendation. All I knew about furniture polish in a can I observed from my mother's obsessive dusting with the stuff. Every surface in the home I grew up in had a almond-scented oily surface. That's not what popped into my head when I thought of sleek, shiny and modern stainless steel.

After that lunch with my rep, I went back to the studio and set up and experiment over the following week. Our studio was set up with a couple of kitchen vignettes and one of those vignettes was a fully-functioning kitchen. In that kitchen was a Sub-Zero refrigerator with stainless steel doors. All of us in that studio used that refrigerator every day and clients were forever pawing it so it had a surface that saw a lot of hands touching it. Our cleaning crew had a stainless steel cleaning product that they used on it but it still ended up looking pretty dingy pretty fast.

I asked the crew not to clean it for a week and instead to let me take charge of it for a couple of days.

Clients back then reported to me that they cleaned their stainless with window cleaner. Honestly, it's the same thing I'd have used. I mean, it's shiny like a mirror so clean it like a mirror. Right?

Wrong. Window cleaner is lousy on stainless steel because it leaves streaks and it evaporates completely so skin oil from touching the steel just stays on the surface and deflects light.

When I sprayed a towel with Scott's Liquid and then wiped down the refrigerator door something really cool happened. All of the streaks and prints disappeared with a gentle rub and as a bonus, a very tiny bit of the oil in the polish stayed behind. That leave behind stopped prints and smudges from appearing all together in the days that followed. My sub-Zero rep was right after all.

In the years that followed, Scott's Liquid Gold stayed on my short list of product recommendations for maintaining a new kitchen. I used it to this day on my own stainless appliances.

As I mentioned at the outset, Scott's sent me some samples to use and clean with in exchange for this post and I'm really grateful for the products and the opportunity. Included in their box of samples was something new from them.

This is Scott's One Clean Home. It's new for them and a revelation for me.

My current kitchen has dark granite counters. On some levels, granite is a practical surface and depending on the color of the granite, it's either a breeze to live with or a nightmare. My dark granite falls onto the nightmare end of the spectrum. Dark and shiny has a lot of the same problems reflective and shiny stainless steel has in that it shows a lot of smudges and fingerprints. 

I find my granite to be difficult to keep clean and my next kitchen will not have granite counters. Add to my granite my gloss-finished cabinetry and my kitchen is a gallery of fingerprints and smudges as often as not. When I clean I have to wash down all these surfaces and then buff everything dry to prevent water spots. It's a pain and honestly, I let it go far too often.

When I read the label from Scott's One Clean Home I read that it works on all manner of surfaces:

  • Finished Wood
  • Wood Laminates
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tile
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Porcelain
  • Vinyl

I was skeptical until I started cleaning with it. Holy cow talk about a home run! Scott's One Clean Home cleans just about everything in my kitchen and it does almost as good a job on stainless as Scott's Liquid Gold.

Honestly, One Clean Home made a believer out of me and it's really great to find a single product that will clean every surface in my kitchen. From my travertine floors to my glossy cherry cabinets, it's all clean and clear. As a bonus, it smells like grapefruit and I'll take that anywhere I can find it.

10 December 2020

New kitchen plan? Mind a few things

Your food preparation space at home matters more than you think. If you're like most people, then you devote a lot of time to put together meals on a daily basis. You may even spend a lot of time in your kitchen snacking or eating meals in general. If you're keen on establishing a residential kitchen that's the definition of cozy and welcoming, then these design suggestions can go a long way for you and for all of the other members of your household.


Install a Spacious Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can make amazing additions to any and all food preparation spaces. If you invest in the installation of one of these islands, you can reap the rewards of extra preparation space. A kitchen island can make setting aside essential meal ingredients a lot easier. It can eliminate a lot of clutter and chaos, too. If you want to store gorgeous and practical accessories, the assistance of a capacious island can be a huge help. Choosing kitchen Italian accessories is often as simple as assessing your lifestyle and day-to-day objectives.

Focus on Broad Walkways

It can be frustrating to have a residential kitchen that's overly cramped and tight. A tight kitchen can look unpleasant. It can also feel unpleasant. If you want your kitchen to feel like a million dollars, it can be nice to have ample space and top-notch ventilation. Strong ventilation can contribute to excellent indoor air quality. That can do a lot for any designated food space. If you want your kitchen to feel as comfortable and enticing as can be, then you should zero in on walkways that are broad. Broad walkways can also make tackling food preparation duties a lot simpler and more practical. It can be hard to prepare meals in a kitchen that makes you feel claustrophobic. It can be uncomfortable to constantly bump into things, too.

Install a Cozy Booth

Some of the best kitchens in the world also happen to be the coziest ones. If you want your kitchen to contribute to a well-rounded food experience, it can be a fantastic idea to install a relaxing booth. Kitchen booths provide people with hassle-free places to enjoy quick and tasty snacks in the middle of meal preparation duties. If you want to be able to nosh on a hassle-free meal without having to go through all of the trouble of setting up your dining table, the addition of a pleasant booth can be a game-changer.

Resurface Your Cabinets

It can be a terrific idea to update the look and feel of your kitchen cabinets. You don't have to deal with the expenses of replacing them fully, either. That's because you can always opt to resurface them. Cabinet refacing can get rid of unsightly and conspicuous scrapes, scratches and imperfections. It can make the paint on your cupboards look a lot fresher and more "alive," too. If you want your kitchen to look far from neglected and tired, then there are few actions that can hold a candle to cabinet resurfacing. Don't forget, either, that full cabinet replacement costs a lot more. It's also a process that's a lot more time-consuming and cumbersome. If you want your cabinet job to be efficient, refacing is the answer.

09 December 2020

How to Advertise Your HVAC Business


The HVAC system of a building is a very important part of the building. This is because it is the system in charge of its heating and cooling and you will agree that these two are important for anyone to survive. It is a critical system for everyday life and living.

One way or the other, people have to deal with extreme temperatures and it is at this time that you appreciate what the system is about. This means that for a business in this field, their job is critical to people’s survival. Therefore, making their services available on time bodes well not just for the business but for people that need it as well.

You can read more on the importance of HVAC here.

Owning an HVAC Business

As important as the HVAC system of a building is, so are the businesses and professionals that handle its installation, maintenance and repair. 

This is why businesses must set up shop to help residents of cities around them with their HVAC systems. It is not enough to set up shop, you also need customers. Therefore, you need to advertise so people can know what you are offering and what you are capable of.

With this in mind, you may own a business and you do not get enough customers to patronize you. This may be down to several factors. Firstly, it can be due to a lack of proper advertising. Secondly, it can be a result of poor services on your part. Thirdly, it can be due to stiff competition from other businesses offering the same services, and so on. 

One thing is sure though. As it has been established, HVAC services are important and it is needed in every home. So if you are not getting customers, you have to look inwards to see what you are doing wrong and what you need to correct. A huge part of this could be advertising.

You are probably not the only one in the city offering HVAC services, other businesses do offer the same. Unless you are known and out there, the likelihood that people will reach out to your business is slim. 

Also, life keeps advancing and so are the ways things are done. To ensure that your business is patronized, you need to embrace new ways of marketing to keep pace with the times.

What are the Ways to Advertise Your HVAC Business?

In this digital age, more and more people are spending their time online. If you like to have a successful business, that is where to meet up with them. You need to have a strong online presence where potential customers can easily locate you. You have to start by owning a website that is easy to navigate, user-friendly and accessible. 

These days, it is not enough to just have a website, you need to also take further steps in addition to this. These includes:

Implementing Local SEO

This is the single most important thing that must be done to your website. Search Engine Optimization talks about optimizing your site so that it can be easily located during web searches. Also, when the customer eventually is on your website, it must be user-friendly.

Most customers simply go online and search for the kind of service that they desire in their locality by using search engine sites such as Google and Bing. If your website is not optimized for SEO, when they search, they will not find your business. If it is, you will be able to rank high in searches. Your website will be easy to locate and to visit.

Take Advantage of Online Marketing

Asides from implementing SEO, since most users spend time online, you should take advantage of digital and online marketing. You can post ads about your business using tools such as Google My Business Page, social media marketing, pay per click ads, content creation and so on. 

All these will bring your business to the fore. Even when potential customers are not actively searching for your HVAC business, it is registered in their subconsciousness. By the time they need your services, they can then easily remember to reach out to you.

Have a Great Landing Page

Part of owning a website is having a really welcoming landing page. A landing page is the first page that a visitor to your websites sees upon clicking on your link. It must be attractive as well as user-friendly. It also must be easy to navigate and must have a call to action. A call to action helps customers to know what to do and how they can get to reach you.

You must put relevant information that will keep the visitor engaged on your landing page. You may also add a live chat feature so that if the customer desires to ask your business direct questions, they will have the opportunity to do so.

A poor landing page is a turn off so ensure that you make it attractive and engaging enough for visitors to your website to spend time there.

You can visit https://www.hvacadvertisingtemplates.com if you want to learn more about this. 


No building can do without an HVAC system so if you are involved in such a business, you should readily get clients. However, if this is not the case, then you probably need to look for smarter ways of advertising your business.

As most people are online these days, it makes sense to have a huge online presence. Much more than that, you also have to devise a strategy to ensure that you can easily be located and that gives you leverage over your competitors.

15 November 2020

Finding the right Tile Backsplash contractor In Portland- Factors

When you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, then you should consider opting for the best interior features that will offer benefits like timeless appeal and durability. Among the various elements, you should consider installing tile backsplash as it is the best way of increasing the value of your property. You can install them in your bathroom or kitchen so that you will get the most amazing feature in your home interiors. Additionally, it also helps in enhancing the style and character of any space as it has stylish designs that will make the space look even more visually appealing. Therefore, for a successful home remodeling project, you will need to find the best tile backsplash contractor who will complete the job cleanly and quickly according to your requirements. 

Finding the right tile backsplash contractor in Portland is very important if you want to get professional quality of service. Moreover, the backsplashes are considered as the best way of protecting your walls from water damage and stains. While offering the highest level of protection, the backsplashes also helps in adding style and color to the room so that you will get an amazing looking space. Therefore, it is important that you look for a reputable tile backsplash contractor who will complete the task of installing these elements for complementing any space. Even the most complex patterns can be installed by these professionals while offering services to grout and seal the materials so that it will remain clean and attractive for a long period of time. It is important that you look for experienced professionals who can easily install the tile backsplash anywhere easily so that you will get high quality services. Additionally, they also need to make use of good quality materials for the project so that you will get aesthetic appeal from the installation of tile backsplash. You should also get a water resistance option that can be cleaned easily and you can also maintain it without the need of replacing them in near future. The knowledge of the contractor is also very crucial so that they will help you in adding final touches to your bathroom and kitchen. This will also help in bringing the designs of these areas together so that you can get the right kind of outcome from the project. The use of backsplashes is very important for offering an instant curb appeal and attractiveness to your property. You should look for a licensed and certified contractor who will help you in selecting the best kind of kitchen look. Please visit this link, if you need a certified tile contractor in Portland: https://www.tileinstallersportland.com/ 

The selection of the tile backsplash contractor should be done after accessing the skills level of these professionals so that you will get someone with the right level of skills and expertise. You should also ask for references from your family and friends so that you will get the best quality installers who will offer you the highest level of service. You should read the reviews and ratings of these professionals by visiting their website. This will ensure that you have hired the best contractors so that you will get the best kind of services at the most attractive price. 

Why Use Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services in Jacksonville

Are you wondering why you may need window cleaning and pressure washing services in Jacksonville? These services may actually be more of a big deal than you might have thought. They come in handy and offer results that will likely leave you amazed.

The decision to engage a window cleaning and pressure washing service may therefore be one of those decisions you’ll ever be glad you made. 

We will do a quick review of what these companies offer and also give you some tips to help you choose from among the best in Jacksonville. 

What do they Offer?

Are you still thinking about what these companies can do for you? They can do the following:

  1. Give expert advice on how best to handle your window
  2. Provide and deliver excellent removal of dirt, stain, grim, or debris on your window
  3. Carry out deep cleaning
  4. Give recommendations on good cleaning agents and products that can give your window a glowing look.
  5. Handle post-construction or renovation cleaning
  6. Disinfect surfaces from bacteria, fungi, and viruses

In Jacksonville, window cleaning and pressure washing companies offer a wide range of services that give your home, business, and office a sparkling look. These include:

  1. Washing parking lots and parking decks
  2. Cleaning drive-thru areas
  3. Maintaining and cleaning outdoor entertainment spots
  4. Cleaning decks, patios, shuffleboard courts, gutters, and fence

You can click on https://professionalwashingservice.com to find out other services that you can expect if you choose the right company. 

Benefits of Using these Professional Cleaners

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you engage one of these companies in Jacksonville:

1. Time Saving

Window cleaning and pressure washing services help to save time and energy. This is because the method used is different from the traditional way of cleaning surfaces and glass. It goes a long way to make cleaning faster and less stressful. By using professional cleaners, your residential or commercial building gets a fresh sparkle. 

2. Safety

When you engage the services of experts, you save yourself from infection. Several surfaces are contaminated with dirt, bacteria, fungi, or viruses. These germs can be killed by pressure washing and anti-bacteria cleaners. As a result, you are saved from the risk of contracting any form of disease. 

Additionally, a window cleaning and pressure washing service in Jacksonville, assures you of excellent delivery. Your property is at a lower risk of experiencing any scratch or damage.

3. Cost Saving 

We understand that you may be on a low budget, but cleaning and washing services usually come at a low cost. It is a worthwhile venture considering it is not a daily task. This saves you the cost of getting a personal pressure washer. Also, they offer deep window cleaning that can benefit you in the long run. You can also get other expert advice and recommendations that can be of great help in maintaining your windows.

4. The Use of Proper Tools and Materials

You do not need to worry about which tool or material to use if you invest in the right service. Unlike the conventional cleaning process, experts know the right chemical and procedures that will be suitable for removing different kind of dirt or stain from any surface. 

If a wrong chemical is used, it can harm the surface. You can increase the durability and life span of your window and surfaces by having the right hands to take care of it. 

5. Efficiency

Not only are expert cleaning and washing services effective, but they are also efficient. They deliver result-based services that seeks to please the customer. A good washing service will be willing to build good customer relations. As a result, they offer excellent and top-notch services that will make the customer happy.

With the internet, you can check out some notable cleaning and pressure washing services in Jacksonville. You may also want to read this article for more details on how to ensure you enjoy the best of these services. 


We have discussed why you should use a window cleaning and pressure washing service in Jacksonville. So, ensure you check out the services they offer to determine if it accurately suits your needs. Also, do not forget you can gain a lot from using the right company. 

07 November 2020

A Look at Home Improvement and Roofing

Ever heard the saying “charity begins at home?”

It has a figurative meaning that stresses how your space should be in order. The entire process that helps you achieve this is called home improvement. This is way more than the DIY actions that include cleaning your house, mowing the lawn, and other daily chores.

Here, we are talking about serious renovations and remodeling that requires the services of professionals.

In this article, we are going to discuss this process and relevant subjects about it. Particularly, we will explain the place of hiring a roofer, as an important part of the process.

So, just in case you are up for making the most of your residential or commercial space, this is the article for you. By the end of this piece, you will have enough information to help you make decisions as you embark on remodeling your home.

What Is Home Improvement?

It is a wide range of services that help owners/dwellers of residential and/or commercial buildings make the most of their space. It makes the place safer, more convenient, and more appealing.

The services that make up the home improvement process include the following:-interior decoration (painting, strategic placement of artifact and objects, among others; HVAC services and plumbing) and exterior renovation (roofing, garage repairs, garden design and maintenance, and many more). For more on the definition, you can read this article.

Why Should You Carry Out Home Improvement?

As the name suggests, it is all about making the most of your space. This is not restricted to residential apartments only as corporate setups too are beginning to see the sense in the process. To better understand the motivation for this process, let us see some of the benefits.


One of the primary reasons home improvement services are carried out is to add to the dweller's comfort. This largely explains while stakeholders in the hospitality industry are very particular about it.

It makes the habitation conducive enough for the occupants, which is what most people, want. So, if you desire a more comfortable space, you should give serious thought to home improvement.


Sometimes, it is not just about having all the luxury that the procedure can offer. As people come and leave a building, they put a strain on it. As a result, certain parts of the building will experience wears and tears.

Also, exterior parts like the roof that are exposed to harsh elements begin to experience a decline. The home improvement procedure is essential in keeping things in the right shape.

So, whether it is the HVAC, plumbing, or roofing system that has a problem, this will identify the problem and address it. By and large, this will make the house more durable.


Just as it is in many other industries, there are newer and better ways homes are designed on a daily basis. You create an avenue to apply modern and more efficient designs in your space during the home improvement process.

This can be in the area of interior decoration, roofing, plumbing, HVAC installation, and many more. In short, one major advantage is that it allows the residential or commercial space to experience an upgrade.


Sometimes, there is absolutely nothing wrong functionally with the home before the process. However, sticking with the status quo for a very long while can spell boredom. So, home improvement is the right thing if you believe that variety is the spice of life and need that affected in your space.

With the help of the right teams, the process can help rearrange your space, making it look newer and better.


This certainly is one of the most functional importance of the process. Home improvement procedures are also aimed at making the space safe. A good company that renders this service will consider your peculiarities before making any move.

For instance, the presence or absence of kids will play a huge part in the designs, repair, installations, and other actions. This is so that your kids (if you have them) are safe.


There is a general notion that home improvement requires a lot of new stuff. Well, this is not entirely true as the process also deals with maintenance. So, it is not always about entirely changing the items in a place.

You should know that the accuracy of the process will be is determined by a lot of factors. Issues such as budget, state of the building, intention… will determine how much maintenance or overhauling is required.

Energy Saving and Eco-Friendly Habitation

Homeowners and key stakeholders in the home improvement business understand that our lifestyles impact our planet.

Home renovators make, and effect plans in this regard to ensure that toxic items that can negatively affect the planet are avoided. That, for instance is this reason we have high-performance homes.

Also, these services have a cost-effective side to them. They have the intent of saving energy. For instance, major energy consuming installations like the HVAC systems are made to consume less energy. This is cost-saving as the money can be channeled into something else.

For more on why you should give serious thought to home improvement, you can visit: https://www.housebeautiful.com/home-remodeling/renovation/a21970155/renovation-worth-the-cost/

Roofing as an Integral Part of Home Improvement

As explained much earlier, home improvement is a general term for a wide range of services aimed at improving your space.

Having said that, you should know that roofing is one of the most important parts of the process. Why is this?

It accounts for more part of the building's exterior and affects (positively or negatively) the look. So, regardless of how beautiful a building is, an unsightly roof will make it look worse than it is. Frankly, this is the case with many buildings and is why roofing should be given special priority.

It is, for this reason, that this article will only address how to know a capable roofing company among the other services that home improvement entails.

How Do You Find a Capable Roofing Company for Your Home Improvement?

You cannot take chances with your roof. Aside from the need for it to look good and appealing, it is that part that protects the building's interior and some few exterior parts.

Given its structural and functional importance, you must of necessity hire a team that understands what is expected of them. To help you out, here are some important features of a good company that offers this service:

Quick Financial Estimate of Your Project

It is the roof and it is a big deal; however, it does not have to take forever to get a financial estimate.

In addition, the estimate must be detailed to give a breakdown of how the figure was gotten. This will help prove that the roofing team is transparent, accountable, and capable of the task ahead.

Regardless of where you are located, several roofing companies are able to do this. For instance, you can get an estimate from roofers at Gen819 Roofing & Solar if you are in the Vista area of San Diego county, CA.


When it comes to hiring a roofing company or contractor, never undermine the place of experience. More often than not, experienced teams have an edge as they are well aware of what is expected of them.

Also, because of their years of experience, they know the right suppliers and manufacturers that make good quality products.

Experts in Various Kinds of Roof Installation

You need a team that has varied expertise; they will be in the right position to suggest roofing options that is ideal for your project. This may be shingles, metal, or any other kind of roofing option.

Also, a good company should be able to handle solar installation without glitches. This is something you should be particular about.

Good Reviews

You should ensure that there are good reviews before trusting any roofer with your roofing job. This is your way of ensuring that previous clients had a pleasant experience dealing with the company.

For professional reviews, you can also seek the advice of credible aggregators. These are services that act as brokers between customers and home improvement service providers.

They know how several roofers operate and are in a better position to make recommendations. For more tips on hiring the right roofer for your project, you can click here.


Is home improvement worth it?

Of course, it is. This article has helped you see the reasons why this is the case. Besides that, you have understood how essential roofing is as part of the process. As a result, you should be particular about making use of the tips proffered when you need to hire a roofer.

05 November 2020

Before You Start a Home Improvement Project, Ask Yourself 'Does My Home Insurance Cover This?'

When you buy a home, you are investing in that property. Thus, it makes sense that you'd want to improve it in various ways so that it always looks nice and well-maintained. Without routine improvements, the house can fall into disarray and look unkempt, potentially earning the ire of your neighborhood's homeowner's association.

But before you begin those improvements, it could be prudent to verify that your homeowner's insurance policy covers that so you have a lower out-of-pocket cost. Learn more about some common home improvements that you must check to make sure your policy covers them.

Installing sod can get expensive quickly.

If your lawn is in disrepair and you are trying to figure out how to fix it, you may want to look into installing sod. There are a lot of options when it comes to lawn repair, but putting in sod is the quickest way to get a green, healthy lawn. While prices are $.14 to $.60 per square foot for the sod itself, the labor costs of installing it can cause the overall price to skyrocket.

The cost is likely something you will have to absorb, but it doesn't hurt to give your insurance company a call to determine your coverage options. Remember that once your sod is installed, you'll have to follow the lawn care guidelines that the company gives you. This will keep your lawn healthy and also gives you protection in the event something happens to the grass.

A new roof will cost thousands of dollars.

If your home needs roof repair or a new roof, the cost can be quite high. If your roof was damaged due to hail, wind, or other storm damage, then the cost will likely be covered by your insurance company — so long as you can show you've been maintaining the roof in a timely manner. If your roof is old and needs to be replaced entirely or needs new shingles, insurance typically does not take on those costs.

For the most part, insurance is there to cover you for unexpected costs, like when a hurricane sweeps through your area and creates the need for a total roof replacement. Speak with an Allison Park roofing contractor to learn more about how much this may cost you, and make sure to always work with a reputable, licensed roofing company.

Water damage may be covered depending on other factors.

If your bathroom or another area of the home develops a leak, then you may end up with extensive water damage throughout your home. You may not even know it's there until you see a visible stain on a ceiling or a wall. You'll need to have an inspection done to check for the presence of mold as well. Mold can create a health risk for you and your family, so it's important to have to removed safely by a trained mold remediation specialist.

Depending on how the water damage happened, your insurance company may cover it. They will not cover it if you have older pipes that should have been replaced or if you neglected to perform maintenance such as routinely cleaning out gutters to prevent water seeping in under the roof. If you're unsure about whether your insurance will provide coverage, reach out to an insurance agent such as TulsaInsuranceGroup so that they can help you determine the viability of your claim. You may also be able to get all of the damage covered and avoid paying anything except for the deductible on your policy.

No matter what happens with your home, make sure to always contact your insurance provider to learn about your options.

03 November 2020

Home Services that Free Up Time to Spend with Your Pup

If you've just got a new puppy or have been a loving pup parent for years, you know that there's never enough time in the day to spend with your canine friend. You have a lot of responsibilities as a pet parent, including making enough money to support the two of you. Then, when you finally get home, there's still plenty to keep you busy that doesn't include one-on-one time with your furry friend.

It's easy to get weighed down by other household tasks even when you'd rather be snuggled up on the sofa with your pup. However, it doesn't have to be that way anymore. With these useful home services, you can free up your time at a relatively low cost, giving you more hours in the day to spend with your favorite pooch. Here are a few ideas for tasks you can delegate so that you get more snuggle time with your pup.

Create a fur free zone

As much as you love them, having a dog around the house can cause quite a mess on a regular basis. Even the best-behaved dogs shed and leave dander all over the place. If your pooch is hypoallergenic, you still might not be sure what they're tracking in on their little paws. If you have carpeting in your home, having a pup can feel like a losing battle, especially if you try to handle it on your own. In order to stay on top of the smell and fur, you may find yourself vacuuming your carpet every day — or even multiple times a day. Even then, you might not be seeing or smelling the results you want! If that's the case, it's time to call in the professional carpet cleaners.

The time you spend cleaning up after your furry friend could be spent playing catch or catching up with mutual puppy friends at the dog park. No matter how much you sweep and vacuum, your problem might literally be deeper than surface level.

When was the last time you had someone come and professionally clean your carpeting? Does your carpet look different than when you purchased it? Does the carpet always smell a little off even after you've treated it with animal odor spray? You don't have to keep fighting that battle anymore. Call in the best carpet cleaners Brisbane or wherever you're located, and give your carpet a deep cleaning. You can stop worrying if your home smells. These carpet cleaning professionals will have your place looking and smelling great in no time, and you won't even have to lift a finger, or paw, to make it happen.

To walk, or not to walk?


This may sound counterintuitive, but as a dog owner, you can't escape the fact that there will be some things you need to do at home away from your dog. That might be taking work calls, straightening up, or getting the kids to soccer or dance. If you can't find the time to give your dog the long walks they want every day, find a dog walker or trainer that you trust to take care of your dog for a few hours. That will give you some uninterrupted time to get all these other tasks done. Then, once they're home, you're free to be completely focused on your puppy.

If you're handing your pup off to someone else, make sure you equip your walker with best harness for dogs. Joyride Harness is widely considered to be the best dog harness on the market. These harnesses adjust to the dog's body to make sure there's no discomfort, while still providing a secure fit. Joyride Harnesses have a front leash attachment chest piece which discourages pulling. They protect your dog and ensure that they're on their best behavior for the walker or trainer.

Provide yourself with an easy treat.


You're probably always supplying your pup with treats. Why not spread that generosity to yourself? If you're just not feeling like cooking so you can pay more attention to your dog, it's okay to order out. Ordering out is a timesaving tactic. Have someone else make the food for once. Treat yourself!

Hire a babysitter


If you had a dog before you introduced children into your home, your dog might be really jealous. Most dogs adapt quickly to having a new human around, but some dogs just aren't about kids. It might not even be that your dog doesn't like your baby — your dog's probably just feeling left out of the equation. It's pretty safe to say that your attention has definitely been more split since your new arrival. Call in a sitter, and give your dog some much-deserved attention, even if it's just for an hour. That undivided time will be great for both you and your dog.

30 October 2020

Commercial Property Improvements That Attract New Tenants

Commercial property owners know that improvements to the structure are a great way to attract new tenants that will pay a premium for top notch quality. Building a great relationship with any new tenant starts with an attention to detail. The more they see that you care for the property, the more they will too.

Consider the façade

Starting with the façade is a great way to give your property a much-needed facelift in order to attract new clients. Whether you are considering an all glass front or a more gritty feel with an exposed brick layer, redoing the exterior of the building will spruce up its outer layer in order to attract more prospective tenants. Upgrades to the outside must be met with some care internally as well in order to really wow renters.

Roofing repairs attract long term business


Rounding out the exterior, thinking about a roof replacement should be at the top of any owner’s list on an older building. No matter the type of roof you put on your building, it will need replacing at some point. Most Roofs last about 20 years, but metal or high-quality tile roof could last even longer if it’s well maintained. Finding commercial roofing support to replace an old covering or to do routine maintenance in order to extend the life of your current exterior covering is a great way to show prospective tenants that you care for their interests as well as your own. Any business would be wary of moving into a property with a decaying roof that could give in any day, potentially destroying the company’s hard work and expensive equipment in the process.

Think about storage needs

Storage inclusions are also a great addition to any commercial property. Every business will have storage needs, so consider adding some backroom storage. This is a great idea for an office park type property or large lockboxes behind a strip mall — it's a sure way to bring in lots of prospective clients to view the location. Thinking about your tenant’s needs before he or she does is a surefire way to win over new clients.

Adding foliage brings a fresh vibe


Plant life is a fantastic addition to any office space. Whether you build plant boxes outside the front doors or add China Doll plant pots on every floor to "green up" the interior, dedication to bringing a little color and plant life to the otherwise drab fixtures of a corporate office space can really make a difference for a business looking for a new long-term commercial property to rent.

Central air upgrades show your dedication to the property


Fixing any issues with air conditioning or heating sources is a must when looking to rent your commercial real estate. Every office needs a working central air conditioning system that is up to scratch. If your AC is aging or failing on you then taking proactive steps to repair or replace the faulty parts will show when you decide to list the property.

New heating and AC system can be leveraged as a high-quality selling point and many businesses that require strict cooling requirements for a central computing room will be looking for this particular upgrade — meaning you may even be able to charge a premium for a maintenance issue that you would be required to resolve eventually anyway.

Think about the needs of your clients when you consider relisting your commercial real estate space. Consider the upgrades you would want in your own office in order to make the property stand out on the market.

29 October 2020

5 Tips When Planning and Fitting Your Kitchen Design


Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

The kitchen is often referred to as being the heart of the home and as such having a well designed kitchen that is both functional and in keeping with current trends is pretty important to most people. On average, we change our kitchens every 10 years so getting the design right is crucial unless you want to be stuck with a dysfunctional space for the next decade. 

With this in mind, we thought it might be useful to provide a few tips to ensure you get the design right first time so you can enjoy your dream space for years to come and ensure a stress free kitchen fitting experience.

1 - Consider How You Will Use The Space

Kitchens can be very different things depending on who is using them. For some it is an area that is simply used for cooking, for others it is a space for cooking and eating, for families it may be a space to be together or have more of a multi-functional use and for some people it might be a space purely for entertaining. 

The point is that you need to understand what your kitchen is to you and to plan it accordingly. If you have a separate dining space then perhaps a dining space in the kitchen isn’t needed and a  breakfast bar with stools will suffice. If you purely want to use it for cooking then how much space do you need for that and can you use left over space for better uses or even for creating a different room?

Planning at the beginning will save time and money in the long run and is probably where most of your time should be spent.

2 - Think Substance Over Style

Although style is important it is worth remembering that trends come and go. You should look for a kitchen that is functional above all else and that has space for storage rather than filling your kitchen units with fancy plate warmers or wine coolers. 

If you want uncluttered worktops then your storage space will be key so plan this into your design.

3 - Choose An Evergreen Colour Scheme

There are plenty of colour decisions to make when planning your kitchen and whether it is the worktops, the cupboard doors, the handles, the tiles, walls or floors, every colour choice you make will change the style and impact of your kitchen. 

We would suggest opting for neutral colours on units and worktops. Colours that are not simply seasonal trends and that will outlast the latest fashions. Of course, if you are happy to re-paint or replace doors and worktops regularly then you can ignore this advice but it could be costly to do so.

4 - Plan All Design Elements

When you are thinking about your use of space you should consider all aspects of the design. Think about the functional areas such as the sink, oven, hob and fridge and consider how close each of these are to one another. 

Creating a triangle of space between the oven, sink and fridge can be really helpful in terms of practicalities. 

Also think about how you plan to use the space. If you want the kids to be up there cooking with you then plan space for tall stools at your worktop and ensure there is space around it.

5 - Don’t Leave Interior Design To The Last Minute

Planning your interior design should not be left to the last minute. Your kitchen units and worktops will of course take centre stage but they will be complemented by a whole range of other design features such as lighting, flooring and decoration such as ornaments, pictures and furniture.

If possible, try and use 3d modellers so you can see your kitchen before you start the fitting. 

These tips should go some way to ensuring you have a smooth kitchen fitting experience and the more you plan in advance the less stressful the fitting should be.

23 October 2020

All About Roof Flashing and Why It Is So Important

Flashing, which is a common thing to do on any construction of a house, is the thin pieces of sheet material, that are installed onto different areas of any house to prevent any water from getting through into the inside, or staying in puddles. They are mounted on the rooftops either onto a joint or at an angle created by a water barrier system, it helps to minimise or completely stop any water penetrating into aspects of the home such as the chimneys, doors, windows, skylights, and walls. 

It helps to reduce any of the problems, related to dampness, such as mold, bacteria, weakening of the internal structure due to the plaster getting wet, as a result of there being either no flashing or a worn out one. This website can tell you more about the advent of wet plaster. 

The materials that flashing is made out of is usually different types of metal, including copper, aluminium, zinc, alloy and stainless steel. When flashing was not an option back in the day, roof shingles were angled in a way as to keep any water away from the joints in roofs that would lead to the chimneys, and mortar flaunching was used. But now that we have this as a more desirable option, it has significantly decreased any water penetrating through openings and vulnerable parts of the top cover of buildings.

The Different Types of Flashing

There are numerous types available for any property, besides the roofing one, and these include specific ones for walls, used to prevent entry of water into the walls. The sill types, which are commonly placed under the windows of houses and are concealed, the channel ones shaped like a “U” which help to catch water almost like the gutters, and are installed on the edges of the tiles where the roof and walls meet. 

Then there is the drip edge, chimney flashing, kickout, through wall, more of which can be found here: https://carsaconstruction.com/replace-flashing-when-replacing-roof/ and are usually  also replaced alongside the replacement of any roofs or shingles. Especially if someone owns a very old house, and the roof has been around for decades, it is an important thing to upgrade these things before placing a new roof on top of it in case they begin to fail before the new roof does. 

In any construction site, there are local building regulations that can allow the re-use of the flashing if it is still in good condition, although this is not preferred. Because these are normally nailed into the coverings of the houses; re-using the same old ones may not be as stable when re-nailed into the same holes as before. 

The 4 Key Types of Designs

There are 4 key types of flashing designs, namely, Step, Counter, Continuous and Base. Which we will discuss briefly below. 

Counter-flashing. These are commonly placed above or opposite the base flashes to complete the application.

Base. This is the bottom piece of two parts. Chimneys, for instance, require a two-part flash. This ensures that the rain water is directed downwards away from the structure. In any case, because it is notoriously difficult to install this around something like a chimney, when done in two-parts it is guaranteed to be installed the right way.

The other reason for using two parts is due to the expanding and contraction of roofing materials as a result of weather changes. When the two pieces move with it, they can stay more secure, thereby keeping the whole system in place. 

Step. This one is designed into a rectangular piece that is bent to a 90-degree angle so it can be used between the roof and the wall. When they are installed, they are usually placed in multiple layers along side the shingles, so the water can flow away from the walls. 

Continuous or Apron flashing. This is named appropriately because it acts like an apron. This is the long piece of metal that is very visible on tops of houses or buildings, and they carry any rain water down to any shingles below. These are cleverly made with built-in expansion joints due to the house shifting, as mentioned above, because of weather conditions. If they did not have these joint in them, they would either break or warp and lose their ability to divert water away from the walls. 

The importance of these cannot be emphasized enough. If it weren’t for these utilities built on top of your homes, they would be susceptible to leaking and flooding from puddles of water being left on the tops, thereby weakening the structure and causing a lot on invisible internal damage to your property. These are a saving grace that every home must have. 

21 October 2020

What to Know About Water Conditioner Systems

Photo by mrjn Photography on Unsplash

Countless households use water softening systems to prevent hard water from damaging their plumbing, scaling dishware, and causing dry skin and hair. For the most part, water softeners are effective and popular. 

However, many households are using water conditioner systems instead of water softeners. What are water conditioners and do they work? How? Why are people using them?

In this article, we’ll talk about water conditioning systems, how they are different from water softeners, and what types are available. Check them out!

What are Water Conditioner Systems? 

Water conditioners are the most common alternatives to water softening systems. Keep in mind, though, that water conditioners and water softeners work in different ways and give different results.

Water conditioning systems offer the following benefits: 

  • They don’t use chemical additives 
  • They eliminate wastewater discharge
  • They are easier to maintain 
  • They produce less pollution 
  • They are cheaper

But do water conditioner systems really work? Yes, they do. 

How do they work? 

While water softeners remove excess minerals by replacing them with sodium ions, water conditioners alter the hard minerals and prevent them from scaling and damaging your plumbing and wares. 

To further understand how and if water conditioners work, it helps to learn about the different types of water conditioner systems. 

Carbon Filtration 

One way that water conditioners work is through carbon filtration. 

In this process, activated carbon removes chemicals dissolved in water. The carbon traps or absorbs chemicals and organic compounds by attracting them.  

Carbon filtration is highly effective when you want to remove the unpleasant odor or taste in the water. If you dislike the smell of sulfur in well water or the chlorine in city water, carbon filtration is a good choice. 

As mentioned, carbon filtration doesn’t soften the water. It simply “conditions” the water for consumption. 

Space Age Systems 

Another way in which water conditioners work is through space age systems.

Space age systems use wires or magnets wrapped around your pipes. They produce an electromagnetic field that causes minerals in the water to blend with smaller particles within the water. 

The result: reduced concentration of calcium and magnesium ions that mix with soaps to form scales. 

Space age systems have the following downsides: 

  • The magnetic field exists only in small areas, so treating large amounts of water is extremely difficult
  • The water turns back into its previous state or quality after 48 hours
  • The scientific community is still largely skeptical about the effectiveness of space age water conditioning systems 

Meanwhile, such a system requires very little maintenance, and its filter bed can last for years. 

Catalytic Media 

Catalytic media water conditioners are also called salt-free water softeners. 

Unlike traditional water softening systems, which use ion-exchange, this type of water conditioner processes water through Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC). 

The conditioning system uses catalytic media to alter the minerals’ form: the minerals turn into hardness crystals, which don’t stick to surfaces, reducing scale buildup and hard water spots. 

Water Conditioners vs. Water Softeners 

Although both water conditioners and water softeners improve the quality of your water, you might favor one over the other due to various reasons. 


Water softeners, although popular and effective in removing minerals, use salt ions. Using softened water may increase your sodium intake, and higher sodium intake is correlated to higher chances of hypertension and high blood pressure


Salt-based water softeners release huge amounts of salt into the environment. And this can lead to several environmental problems in the surrounding area. Water conditioners, on the other hand, do not use salt and is therefore a lot safer for the environment. 

Costs and Maintenance 

Water conditioners are cheaper and a lot easier to maintain. They rely on water pressure to function, not using electricity, and not producing wastewater. Maintenance only involves removing filters regularly. 

Water Heaters Only: Hot Water Tank Replacement in Langley

There are a lot of duties around the home that require your attention. This can sometimes be tiring and boring. But having a home comes with certain responsibilities that sometimes are better handled by a professional.

If you need your water tank to be replaced, you definitely need a professional to do it. If your water tank isn't working correctly or it has quit working, it is time you get a new one for sure. Half broken tanks can increase your bills and put you in a hazardous area.

It is essential to keep an eye on your heater because it plays a huge role in everyday life. Washing clothes, dishes or taking a bath and washing hands can be very difficult with cold water. In this guide, you will find a couple of benefits why you should replace your water heater. If you want to keep reading about this topic, follow the link https://www.wikihow.com/Replace-a-Water-Heater.

Decrease the chance of unexpected plumbing problems 

Almost every appliance that we have at home has a certain lifespan. This, of course, includes the water tank. The tank is connected to the electrical circuit in your home in order to function.

The malfunctioning of this tank can create a series of problems for the whole line connected to it. Unfortunately, this is also true for functioning but old tanks. As their lifespans get shorter, the probability of them causing some kind of problem gets higher.

They can even get clogged over time and cause plumbing problems, which can cost you greatly if the damage is severe.

This is why everyone says that buying a new water tank is cost-effective. It will save you some trouble but also a lot of money you would probably spend on repairs. Repairing can only lead you to slowly but certainly buying or connecting a whole new system. Then why bother when you could save significant time by just buying a new water tank right in the beginning?

Efficient, fast, and practical 

You may have bought a very good water tank in the past. But you should keep in mind that the development of technology has made every single appliance more efficient and easier to work with. The disadvantages of the past built appliances have been perfected, and the final and improved product has been created.

Therefore, you will buy a better tank than your last one for sure! These tanks are built to keep the water warm for a more extended period. They even heat the water faster using the same electricity.

The recovery rate of the hot water 

Old and outdated tanks may be too slow in reheating water at a sufficient rate. No one wants to take a cold shower after a long day of work. Moreover, it is a pain in the neck, waiting for the water to be heated when you are in a hurry.

The new water heater will heat the water very fast, and this will be very practical if you have a big family. How do you get a good team to install your new heater? You can check some reputable companies like Water Heaters Only Langley, if you are looking for quality work done by experts.

Do some research 

First, you need to see what you need exactly. There are a lot of companies that offer various services, and that is why it is essential for you to decide which service you need.

If you are not quite sure, keep in mind that everything can be done with the power of the internet. When you are on the internet, look for a couple of companies and see their price ranges and offers.

Some of them offer consultation, which can come in handy when you are not really a craftsman and don't know anything about repairing. Consulting with an expert will give you a picture of what should be done and when.

You can estimate from the conversation what kind of company you are dealing with. If they are nice and serviceable, they know what they are doing and have a lot of experience.

Look for experts 

There are many companies, which is why it is crucial for you to focus on searching for professionals. There are many firms that do all sorts of things. That means that they are not quite the professionals in any specific field. If you want the right company, you should search for someone who only does one type of job, and that is fixing or installing water tanks.

This way, you will make sure that the company has performed various problems and installations and can handle your project with ease. You don't want a team that will cause more problems than it solves. Learn more here.

Be sure to ask the right question when consulting with the company to know what you are paying for.

Ask for your family and friends for advice and recommendation 

The best way to get familiar with good companies is to turn to your friends and family for advice. They probably have changed their old rusty water tank by now, and they can offer you their honest opinion on the topic.

They can even recommend a specific company that has done its repair. You can go and check how does the final project looks like.

Even if you don’t have anyone close to you with a similar experience, you can always turn to the internet and search for reviews. People leave comments talking about their experience and offer advice for future customers.

This is one of the best advantages of the internet nowadays. If you can't quite rely on anything said above, just go and visit the firm you are thinking about hiring. You can consult in person and see how their workplace looks like.

Their coordination and work environment will say greatly about their organization both in the workplace and in your home project. Be sure to ask for guarantee and past projects to ensure the quality of the work.

19 October 2020

Mold Remediation vs Removal: What’s the Difference?

Mold is a fungus that can be found in and around our homes. Once these spores latch themselves onto walls and ceilings they can spread at a rapid pace. The danger that a mold infestation holds for family members are devastating. Neglecting to get rid of the infestation can cause many health risks such as nasal stuffiness, wheezing, throat and eye irritation, and other respiratory issues.  For those suffering from asthma, the exposure to mold infested areas are even more dangerous. 

Many companies claim to remove all fungus and spores from properties, the truth is, in order for it to completely disappear from a home one should invest in mold remediation for a successful outcome. Qualified and experienced mold remediation companies will completely understand the science behind the spread and growth of these microscopic spores. 

A Little Bit About Mold: 

  • Spores are very small and can’t be seen with the naked eye. 
  • Spores are spread into homes through windows, the air conditioning system, or doors; they can get caught on your clothing and pet’s furry coat or float into the house with the wind. 
  • It can be found outdoors and indoors; it’s not confined to a specific space.
  • When exposed to moisture or water, mold can rapidly grow and turn into huge colonies. 
  • Colonies are grey, black, and brownish of color and are typically found on walls, ceilings, or floors. 
  • Moldy areas will have a musty, damp, and strong smell that leaves a horrible stench in a room that’s left untreated. 
  • When left untreated, colonies can cause hazardous health risks that has an effect on the respiratory system. 
  • Even after remediation, colonies can form again if the core moisture problem isn’t addressed.
  • Keeping your indoor space at a humidity level of below 45, will prevent colonies from growing back. 

When this fungus is completely understood, a company can assess the level of infestation and come up with a plan to remove it completely. Not just remove it, but also prevent it from growing back again. 

So, if both of these concepts are basically the same, what exactly is the difference between removal and remediation?


Even though these terms are used interchangeably by professionals, they mean two different things. Removal refers to only one part of an entire remediation process. It’s only used interchangeably when spoken to clients, because ‘removal’ is a much better understood concept by common folk. 

Remediation actually involves many different steps within the process that ensure all spores of the fungus are removed from the premises. These steps include: 

  • Assessing the area and identifying the severity of infestation
  • Communicating with the client
  • Containing and preparing the area for removal
  • Removing of the spores and colonies in the affected area (known as the ‘mold removal’ step)
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the area after removing of spores and colonies
  • Implementing other treatments that might include demolition of too heavily affected properties
  • Other preventative measures to avoid future growth and spread

As a customer, it’s important that you ask the company about the process they will be following. Asking about the process will clarify the steps that they will be taking. Whether it will be from the assessment through to the preventative measures or will they only be removing? 

Interested in what it looks like when professionals remove mold? Check out this link for an in-depth look: https://www.familyhandyman.com/project/how-to-remove-mold/.


Before you hire a remediation company, you should consider the cleanup process that they will be following. As this will be the biggest indicator of whether it’s only removal or a complete remediation. 

Let’s take a closer look at the entire process step-by-step:

Step 1 – Identifying the Problem

It’s important for a mold remediation company to visit the affected premises first. Not only should the severity of the infestation be assessed but the cause of infection should be identified as well. 

In order for the removal, cleanup, and prevention steps to be successful, the problem should be properly addressed. This will ensure that, after removal, mold won’t return. 

Trained inspectors will use specific tools and measurement machines to assess the humidity levels within the property. If the problem is severe, teams might have to start breaking down walls or look behind building structures to find the source. This will only be done once the area has been properly prepped. 

Step 2 – Preparation and Containment

Before teams start to work it’s extremely important for the remediation company to contain the area. This is important for personal protection, safety of the environment, and preventing spores from becoming airborne and landing on other unaffected areas. 

Quality companies will typically use HEPA-filtered air filtration systems to ensure the environment stays unaffected, clean, and safe. Click here to learn more about how mold can affect you and your immediate environment.

Step 3 – Removal

To remove all fungus from the affected areas, professionals will use HEPA vacuums, and disposable materials. They will also surgically remove fungus and spores from buildings by demolishing it in a controlled manner. 

Other treatments might include the application of antimicrobial and a concentrated hydrogen peroxide mixture that help remove mold roots embedded within the structure’s walls. 

The removal process usually follows a specific protocol that should be followed by licensed companies. This ensures that the entire process is done safely. 

Step 4 – Prevention

To avoid future contamination and re-growth a professional will take necessary preventative measures. This will include removing the core problem and applying a mold-proof coating to the affected areas. 

Because the terms removal and remediation are used interchangeably in the industry, it’s important that you look at the finer details of the process before booking with a company. Don’t be fooled by thinking your fungus problem will be something of the past only because a company claimed to have removed it completely. Ensure that the service will follow all steps within the remediation process and you’ll have a guaranteed successful outcome. 

17 October 2020

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations Coquitlam


Do you sometimes feel that your bathroom has lost the stylish touch and appeal that it used to have? Or that your kitchen lacks enough space for you to move around freely? 

The solution lies in a renovation. Things change over time hence the need to remodel according to your new needs. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes all you need is to rearrange and organize various items in a better way. 

Depending on the type of task to be done, there are lots of factors to be considered. Here are some of the most important tips that might help you for kitchen renovation in Coquitlam.

Factors to consider to ensure successful renovations

  • Amount of work required

    If you are in need of extra space around the room then most of the time reorganizing the items to free up space will do just fine. This is a one-person job that you can do by yourself within a day or two.

    On the other hand, if it entails tearing down cabinets and other structures then it is best if you hire professional contractors to do the job. They’ll certainly have the labor force required and skills to do the job without interfering with other parts of your house.

    Before you hire them make sure that they are experienced and well-trained to handle the job effectively.

  • Estimated total cost

    Proper planning entails estimating the total cost expected to be incurred. This includes the prices of materials that will be used and the fees charged by the workers.

    It will allow you to adjust your budget accordingly and avoid surprises. Make sure to cater to any additional costs that may arise in your plan. You should also use the locally available resources to save some money.

    For example, if done properly, some of the materials from torn-down structures can still be re-used. If you have to buy new materials do so from the local market if possible to avoid importation costs.

  • The reason for revamping

    There are plenty of reasons to do so. For instance, you might be in need of new items that provide better functionality than your current ones or that are more desirable.

    Therefore, you must make sure that whatever you go for will satisfy the need. This makes the process a bit easier since it serves as a guide.

    Otherwise, using the trial-and-error method can cost you a lot of money and waste your time. Click here to see a few reasons why you  might consider doing some renovation.

  • Your taste

    Perhaps this can be considered as the most important factor when it comes to interior designing. The interior of your house should depict who you are as a person right from the walls to the floors.

    For instance, if you like the modern aesthetic appeal then the type of tiles you use on the surfaces should be sleek and modern.

    If you are more of a vintage kind of person then you can go for the classic traditional look which usually entails wooden and marble surfaces with intricate pattern designs. In all, make sure that your renovation doesn’t interfere with your personal style.

Tips to help you with your renovations

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of it.

  • Utilize your space effectively

    One of the most common reasons why people renovate is to create space. Whether in your bathroom or kitchen, you need to be able to move around freely without any obstacles getting in your way.

    Most of the space is consumed by storage. Therefore, once you find a way around that you will definitely have ample room. A good way is to utilize the wall storage units. Wall cabinets come in handy and will help you organize your things properly.

    Avoid throwing things all over the room as they will eventually pile up and take the much-needed space. See this link for some ideas on how you can create more storage space in your kitchen https://www.loveproperty.com/gallerylist/70161/spacesaving-ideas-for-small-kitchens 

  • Choose your colors wisely

    They tend to affect perceptual vision and can also influence your mood. Dark colors have been found to make the room feel small. Most people like light colors, especially, white. For other items such as toilets, sinks, and bathtub you should consider warm colors that radiate positive energy within you. For such equipment, some people dislike white color because it gets stained easily.

  • Get good lighting

    When preparing to start with the renovation, you should include proper lighting as well. In the bathroom, in addition to the general bulb from the ceiling, you should have some on the walls and around the mirror to be specific.

    The latter should provide just enough light to enable you to look yourself in the mirror comfortably. As such, it should not be very bright.

    The central lighting, on the other hand, should be able to illuminate the whole room but also have a dimmer switch for when you want dim light. In general, the lighting should blend in smoothly with the colors of the room.

  • Use a pot filler

    Instead of going to the sink every time you need water then coming back to the cooker, you can use an adjustable tap that can be swung all the way to fill the pot while it is on the cooker. This saves you time and makes your cooking more enjoyable.

  • Use racks 

    There are plenty of stylish racks that you can use to store your cutleries in an organized way and conserve space too.

  • Maintain the plumbing configurations

    This will save you both time and money. Trying to change the plumbing can also interfere with the whole system and result in leaks. Only allow professional plumbers to do this. Click here to see a few bathroom renovation tips.


Renovation can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to begin. If you do it wrong you might end up having an even more messed up room. For this reason, proper planning is key. You have to determine the amount of work required and plan your budget based on this. It is also very important that you only deal with qualified experts to ensure satisfactory work. As much as you should invest in good quality, take care to avoid overspending. Also, feel free to experiment and try out different things.