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Some clips of my writing from around the web. Ask if you'd like to see more.

Marketing Home Products: Coverings 2010 Report

Mosaic Art Now: Items of Note from Last Week's Coverings

Napoli Unplugged: How I Ended Up in a Villa in Sorrento

Napoli Unplugged: Don't Miss the Stabian Villas

Napoli Unplugged: The Road to Positano

Design Commotion: Moderism in a Mood

Life of an Architect, guest post

Building Moxie: What does "too taste-specific" mean?

Modenus: What do you think of open shelves?

Modenus: Kitchen desks: absolute necessity or absolute waste of space?

Modenus: Beaux Arts reborn with Siematic

Modenus: I want to smack this kid

Modenus: What about a white kitchen?

Modenus: Live free, shower free

All in Good Food, a website about food by GE Monogram

Here's a guest post, in Spanish no less, for The Place of Dreams, a Venezuelan Architecture site.

Here's the same piece in English.

I'm a regular contributor to, here's an example of my work there.

More Houzz

More Houzz

More Houzz

More Houzz

More Houzz

Read as I run my mouth in an interview with AOL's Shelterpop.

Another interview that got picked up by CNN.

Here's me pontificating in an interview for Daily5Remodel.

Here's my profile on The Decorating Diva.

Here's a stylebook I put together for The Decorating Diva.

And my stylebook explained.

A later profile on The Decorating Diva

Another profile and interview with me from Modenus.

And lots lots more!

There are photos of my design work in my Facebook profile.