25 August 2021

A Price Guide on How Much to Clean a House

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Cleaning can be a tough task, especially if you’re a busy bee with a hectic lifestyle. While hiring cleaning professionals may have crossed your mind at some point, for many people, it is still considered a luxury. 

If you’re on the fence about whether a cleaning service is a worthwhile investment, we’re here to tell you it certainly is! In addition to making your home safer and more hygienic - preventing bacteria buildup and allergies, it can also increase its value under the right circumstances.

...But what about the costs?

Cleaning costs depend on a variety of factors, including property size, number of rooms, and its current condition. While most people are already aware of these factors, there are plenty more that may not have crossed your mind.

Your Location

How much does it cost to clean your house? It all begins with where you live!

Your geographical region can influence the service price as some regions are more expensive than others due to labor rates, transportation costs and other factors such as materials used in construction.

More often than not, larger cities  are more expensive to live in. This is because the cost of living, which includes food and housing expenses, are typically higher than they would be in rural areas. Furthermore, there is a higher demand for cleaners due to it’s relatively larger population - more houses, more cleaners. 

It's also worth considering your location relative to where you'll need services performed when making this decision. If a cleaner has to travel a significant distance to get to you, this will be reflected in their rates.

Size of your house and Number of Rooms

The size of your house would also greatly affect the cost.  Cleaners must charge more for larger homes because they will require more hours of work, and manpower compared to smaller ones.     

Larger houses have more rooms and generally include furniture, fixtures, and floors  that need to be cleaned. In addition to the manpower needed to clean these rooms,  the cleaning supplies necessary will also be more expensive.

Smaller houses require less time and labor, therefore making them a cheaper option when it comes to house cleaning services.

Type of Service

Cleaning service providers offer two kinds of services; a standard cleaning and a deep clean. A standard cleaning service intends to help in maintaining a certain level of cleanliness, but a deep clean goes further.

Regular Clean vs Deep Clean

Those who offer deep clean charge more than those offering standard cleaning, due to the time and effort spent on deeper cleaning. Standard cleaners clean surfaces such as tables, countertops, and floors. 

Deep cleans include areas that are out of sight to the eye like ceiling fans, window sills, door frames, and cabinets. Deep cleaning will cost more than basic cleaning because it requires more time to be done by professionals who have unique skills. 

Move-Out Cleaning

Moving out of a home or apartment can be a stressful and time-consuming process.  One of the more overlooked tasks is cleaning, but it's extremely significant as you’re required to leave your unit clean to get your bond back. 

That’s where a move-out cleaning service comes into play. A professional can help to clean all surfaces before you leave, ensuring you’re not left with any residue for the next tenant. An End of Lease cleaner will perform deep cleaning tasks like  scrubbing floors, walls, and windows, helping to ensure your bond is returned in full.

The time needed to clean your property will depend on the extent of dirt  and staining. If you only have a few stains, the job will be much quicker than if your floors were covered in mud and food particles after months of cooking or neglectful living.

Hiring professional cleaners to do this type of service will let you focus more on other move-in/move-out priorities, like packing and transporting your things.

Individual Cleaner vs. Cleaning Company

Another thing you need to think about is if you want a single cleaner or a team of cleaners working in your place. 

Cleaning companies are usually more expensive than individual cleaners because they employ more people, therefore requiring a price rate whether it'd be hourly or a flat fee. Companies provide their personnel with uniforms, vehicles, and cleaning equipment, which explains why their rates are slightly higher than individual and small business cleaners. This is recommended for bigger and messier homes, for this would be a faster and more efficient option.

Individual cleaners can provide you with the same deep cleaning services as a company but for much less money. Individual cleaners can provide you with the same deep cleaning services as a company but for much less money.  A private cleaner who regularly services a client will also be more knowledgeable about their home and the client's needs, which can save time and hassle. 

If you choose to hire a cleaning company, make sure the property has enough coverage for them. It's not uncommon that one cleaner can't cover an entire home or office in their allotted time slot.

Additional Services

The cleaning professionals may provide other services aside from cleanings, such as carpets, window washing, or gutter cleaning.  

Requesting for eco-friendly cleaning products is also a part of the additional service some companies provide. These products are safe and non-toxic and cost a little extra. Although you’ll be paying more, eco-friendly cleaning products are worth it in the long run, especially if you have a weak immune system or have kids and pets at home. 

22 August 2021

How Long Does Concrete Foundation Repair in Dayton, Ohio, Last? | A Homeowner’s Guide to Repairs

When you invest in concrete foundation repair in Dayton, Ohio, you want to know that those fixes will last as long as possible! Not only are foundation repair costs an expensive investment but it’s vital that your home sits on a solid, stable foundation. A weak foundation allows a structure to shift and then sink, risking wall cracks, buckled floors, mold, and other damage.

A foundation repair contractor in Dayton is the best source of information when it comes to repairs your home needs. However, you might note some general information about various foundation repair methods and their overall longevity, so you know what to expect during the project and if you might need to pay for certain fixes repeatedly throughout the years. Ask the foundation repair experts in Dayton by visiting their website.

Concrete Foundation Repair in Dayton, Ohio, Methods

To better understand how long concrete foundation repair for Dayton homes might last, it’s good to break down this information according to repair methods. Knowing how various repairs are performed can give you a better idea of why they have such a difference in price and longevity, and understand the foundation fixes your contractor might recommend.

Foam injections, patches, and sealants

Foam injections and masonry patches and sealants are excellent choices for minor cracks and emergency repairs. Foam injections seep deep into concrete then expand and harden, filling in cracks and blocking moisture.

Masonry patches and sealants are used to repair surface cracks along concrete walls and blocks. These also keep those cracks from growing and expanding while blocking moisture.

These fixes typically cost just a few hundred dollars per application. Some injections and patches are durable and meant to last for years if not indefinitely, but other products might last anywhere from 3 to 10 years before they degrade and need replacing.

Steel, concrete, and helical piers

Underpinning refers to inserting steel or helical piers or pins into the ground surrounding a basement foundation, or underneath a concrete slab foundation. These either sit under the foundation, providing added support, or are attached to the side of a foundation.

Concrete piers are similar to pins but are poured under a slab foundation. These piers then dry and offer added support to a weak or cracked foundation. Concrete piers are also useful for foundations or concrete structures needing only lightweight support, such as porches or patios.

Steel pins can last for decades if not indefinitely, and especially if you take added steps to protect them from damage such as installing drainage systems. Concrete piers don’t have the same longevity but can last for decades before needing repair or replacing.

House leveling

House leveling or slab jacking is used for homes that have already begun to sink. Holes are drilled into the foundation and then a special slurry or mud is injected underneath the slab; that slurry dries and lifts the foundation back into place, offering added support and stability.

Most house leveling products last for decades if not indefinitely. However, as with any foundation repair in Dayton, Ohio, it’s vital that you take steps to correct whatever may have contributed to that foundation damage in the first place, such as grading your property or waterproofing the foundation.

Carbon fiber straps

Weakened basement walls might tend to bow inward as they struggle to hold up the weight of the home. Carbon fiber straps help correct his bowing; these straps are attached to the walls as needed and then tightened, pushing those walls back into position.

Depending on their quality, carbon fiber straps should last many years if not decades. Waterproofing the basement walls and ensuring proper drainage outside the home will also help prevent future water damage, keeping those walls strong and secure.


Shims are wedges pounded in between cross pieces; if your home’s floor tends to sag or squeak in certain areas, you might pound wood shims between the subfloor and floor joists, for added strength and stability. Foundation shims are wood or metal pieces inserted between piers and beams underneath a home.

While shims offer some added stability for a foundation, they are typically considered a short-term fix. Expect to have shims reinstalled or otherwise adjusted every few years, as needed.

How to Ensure Concrete Foundation Repair in Dayton Lasts

As with any home improvement project, if you don’t take steps to correct whatever causes foundation damage in the first place, you will likely need foundation repairs again before too long. Since excess moisture is a common cause of foundation damage, ensure your property is graded properly, allowing moisture to flow away from the home rather than pooling around the foundation.

Concrete waterproofing also helps protect against moisture damage. Invest in professional waterproofing services for your home, as DIY applications are usually low-quality and don’t offer the same protection as professional products and services. Professional waterproofing is often done along with concrete foundation repair in Dayton, to protect that work and ensure your home is always stable and secure.

20 August 2021

What Are the Signs That Your Sump Pump Needs Repairs?

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

While the rain can be a delight for your senses and mood, it can, unfortunately, wreak destruction in your homes without the right tools to prevent it. Many basements have a sump pump installed to prevent basement flooding due to rain or improper plumbing.

Sump pumps don’t have extremely long durability, with an average life expectancy of 10 years. If it hasn’t been that long since you’ve brought a sump pump and you’re wondering if it needs repairs or maintenance, here are a few signs to watch out for. 

Incorrect Installation

If your pump is switched on, but there is no water in the pit, it may be improper installation. Generally, the pump is installed at the lowest place in your basement, and if that's not the case, it won't work effectively to drain the water.

If your sump pump isn't turning on properly, or you can see signs of water in your basement, it can also be due to improper installation. Consult a licensed plumber if this is the case and get it fixed promptly. 

Strange Noises and Excessive Vibration

If weird noises are coming from your pump, the chances are that there is a broken or malfunctioning component within the pump. It could lead your pump to become jammed and unable to work.

Excessive vibration from your pump is generally due to debris that may have been sucked up with the water into the pump, which has damaged the impellers. If the impellers become damaged, your whole pump becomes unstable and may cause more problems down the line.

When it comes to components within the pump, consider getting the parts replaced by a professional instead of spending more money on buying a new one.

Running All the Time

If your sump pump is running all the time, even when there is no water, it could be a sign of a damaged switch. Since switches control whether your pump is on or off, a malfunctioning switch could cause your pump never to turn off or on.

When your pump keeps on running for long periods, it can cause it to wear out quicker and not handle incoming water when it needs to. To prevent this, replace the switch as soon as possible. 

Visible Signs of Ageing and Rusting

Excessive rust around your pump will directly affect its functioning. When water and iron combine, it is natural to have rust form, but excessive rust will cause issues with the pump's water flow.

You can buy a special solution to clear out the rust at regular intervals. It will ensure that your pump lasts you a long time with no water flow issues. 

Motor Failure

Due to a wiring problem or an electrical issue, your sump pump could completely stop working. You should check to see if all the fuses are functioning and the electricity connection is alright before calling a professional.

If you live in an area where the water cannot get drained out properly due to debris accumulation or freezing temperatures, the motor will overwork itself. If it continues doing this, it leads to motor burnout. Make sure that the water from your pump is being drained properly without any blockages. 

Frequent Electricity Cuts

If you’re experiencing electricity cuts quite frequently due to the weather, it can have a direct impact on your sump pump. It can cause your motor to fail or other components to break down from the shock of being suddenly shut down.

For preventing your sump pump from shutting down, especially at a period where you're facing rainy weather and need the basement to be dry, consider investing in a backup battery. An expert can guide you in making the right backup battery choice for the pump and even installing it.   

Clogged Pump and Stuck Switches

A clogged pump can slow down the speed of water drainage from the sump pit. If your pump is filtering through dirt and debris, the chances of it becoming clogged are higher.

Get regular inspections to ensure that your pump is not clogged or slow due to excessive debris or dirty components. 

Entrust a Professional to Get Your Sump Pump Running Again

If you’ve had your pump for seven to eight years, it might be time to consider replacing it, as around this time, most pumps start working considerably slowly and experience a lot of breakdowns.

When you’re at a loss about what to do with it, consult a professional who can explain to you the different components and help maintain the pump. Regular inspections will ensure that your basement doesn’t get flooded any time soon. 

16 August 2021

How to Choose Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Outdoor ovens are in different designs and styles. So you need to consider certain factors when choosing one. In this buying guide, we will discuss the different things that differentiate outdoor pizza ovens. This will assist you in making an excellent choice for your garden.

Choosing an Outdoor Pizza Oven – Buying Guide

When choosing an outdoor oven, consider the following:

The Fuel Type

There are 2 types of fuel to use when making pizza in the garden: wood and gas. Wood is a traditional and very popular option, but gas ovens are becoming popular too. When using a wood oven, you need to gather timber. This may seem straightforward, but there are some wood types that you cannot use to cook. You can click here to learn about them.

Pellets/wood chippings and hardwoods are suitable, but if the wood was treated or colored, the chemicals in them may contaminate your food. Also, cooking with wood requires tending to the fire to prevent it from burning out or escalating into something hazardous. Although wood ovens require a high level of maintenance, they cook food faster. They also infuse good flavors from the smoke into the food. 

Gas ovens, on the other hand, are easy to light since there is no need to get wood. You also do not need to bother about controlling the fire. As a result, you can carry out other activities while waiting for the food to cook properly. Gas also ensures that your pizza cooks at a consistent temperature, so you are sure that one side of the food won’t cook faster than the other.

Although gas ovens are reliable, they take a longer time to heat and do not add the kind of flavor that wood adds to food. However, both gas and wood have advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you need to decide on which one will serve you better.

The Materials Used in Producing Them 

In this section, you want to consider the materials used in creating the oven. Since it is a piece of outdoor equipment, you should ensure that the walls are well insulated to sustain the inner temperature when cooking. The entire equipment should be able to maintain heat to allow the pizza to cook evenly.

When you are cooking pizza, it will stay on the floor of the oven. If the oven only gets hot at the top, only the top side of your food will cook. And no one adores a soggy pizza base with crispy toppings. 

When choosing ovens according to the materials they are made of, consider the following:

  • Refractory tiles on the floor of the oven.
  • Stone and brick for larger and heavier outdoor events. But ensure you cure the brick before using it to remove moisture.
  • Stainless steel walls for weatherproofing and better insulation. But you need to ensure that they do not rust due to the weather condition outdoors.

The Size and Style

Even if you are not concerned about your oven’s aesthetics, you want something that will blend with the theme of your garden. Also, different styles have different cooking benefits and purposes. For instance, the dome-shaped style is larger and you can cook several dishes in it at the same time. It is also very decorative.

Additionally, you need to consider your outdoor space. Can your garden contain a large oven and still have enough space for guests? Usually, people who use larger ovens do so for commercial purposes. Therefore, if you want a model for home use, a lightweight model with wheels will be good. You can easily move it to your garage after use.

There are no guidelines when it comes to choosing a style or size of an oven. If you prefer a large oven, whether you are cooking for just family members or the entire community, it is up to you to decide. Just ensure you choose equipment that will give you the kind of result you want. You can visit https://artisanpizzaovens.net to learn more about the other styles of pizza ovens available on the market.


Pizzas are easy to make and you can customize the recipe to suit your taste. So if you love pizza, you can go ahead and get an outdoor oven that will give you the pleasure of making your favorite meal at home. There are many types to choose from depending on your budget, size, and fuel type, among other factors.

01 August 2021

Best Simple Kitchen Renovations In Ottawa To Think About

Smart renovations in any home can make a whole lot of difference to its appeal. Whether you are moving into a brand-new home or selling your existing one, there are a few things you can do to add more value to it. One of the main rooms to do this is in the kitchen. When you renovate a kitchen, it changes the entire house for the better. 

Below we show you how a few ideas can be implemented with this space.

Open Plan Kitchen

When you have a studio flat or an open plan kitchen in a house, you can do lots with it. A space such as this offers great versatility. It may not be easy to decide on one thing, but with the right changes, you can change it to suit your needs.

Starting with clever placement of the kitchen furniture is one great idea of not doing much while doing a lot when it comes to partitioning the area, and some ideas can be found here. It will help break up the area from the rest of the house. You can use items such as a room divider, or a long sofa, with its back facing the rest of the house. 

Many types of large sofas sets or couches can accomplish this, and you can use either a straight or corner sofa to give it that partition feel. You can also add a large floor rug to the seating area. In addition, sectioning off an area can be done using glass walls, or screens. 

Storage Ideas

There is also the aspect of storage to consider. When thinking about changing the storage around or renovating it to add more storage, you can try and reduce the clutter on countertops by getting open shelves built, and adding some freestanding cabinets. 

Keeping things behind closed doors is a good way to open up spaces you never thought you had. When you are done with the toaster, tuck it into a cupboard, or when you did need your glasses or dishes anymore, add a hanging shelf to the wall and line them up on it. 

You can also add a tall cabinet on one corner to keep all the cleaning supplies inside and away from the eye of visitors. Some furniture stores sell sliding out storage solutions that do not take up much space. You can also add a multi-task cupboard with a chalkboard for a door on which you can write your grocery list, and some are also magnetic to stick your family photos and calendar onto it, so you don’t need to use the fridge door anymore. 

Display Pieces

As a bonus tip while your renovating things is, if you’re into some DIY, you can also make yourself some glass jars with labels to keep neatly on the countertops or shelves and use them to store different kinds of pasta, rice, sugar, flour and legumes, for instance. Mason jars are the best for this purpose and can be made into a chic chandelier as well: https://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g2493/kitchen-mason-jar-ideas/?slide=1 which can illuminate any working area and be the centerpiece.

These can make a stylish display on your countertops when placed together in categories, for instance, keep your different selections of pasta in one corner, and your cereals in another.

Building a Shelf Across the Walls

Adding shelves has helped much space. In the bedroom, lounge, garden and pretty much any space you need to add a bit of storage; a shelf is the best thing to do. Some of the best kitchen renovations Ottawa have made the most out of this option when there isn’t room for cabinets or cupboards anymore, and if you add a shelf that runs across the countertops and above the sink area, you can use it to place your favorite dishes, and gain some extra storage that’s away from the floors. 

You can display your kitchenware and crockery so it is easily accessible to you and the rest of the family. Showing off your designer dishes and cookware also helps bring a homely feel to the kitchen area. Anything from pitchers to glasses and bowls can be added to the collection. 

Besides the ideas above you can also opt for a multi-functional island top or freestanding unit that can be moved around the kitchen. A large kitchen trolley is one good idea where you can keep plants on top and use it for cutting your fruits and vegetables, and when you are done with it, you simple reel it off to one corner. Hanging pans and utensils on the wall on simple hooks or a hook stand also completes the look.