16 August 2021

How to Choose Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Outdoor ovens are in different designs and styles. So you need to consider certain factors when choosing one. In this buying guide, we will discuss the different things that differentiate outdoor pizza ovens. This will assist you in making an excellent choice for your garden.

Choosing an Outdoor Pizza Oven – Buying Guide

When choosing an outdoor oven, consider the following:

The Fuel Type

There are 2 types of fuel to use when making pizza in the garden: wood and gas. Wood is a traditional and very popular option, but gas ovens are becoming popular too. When using a wood oven, you need to gather timber. This may seem straightforward, but there are some wood types that you cannot use to cook. You can click here to learn about them.

Pellets/wood chippings and hardwoods are suitable, but if the wood was treated or colored, the chemicals in them may contaminate your food. Also, cooking with wood requires tending to the fire to prevent it from burning out or escalating into something hazardous. Although wood ovens require a high level of maintenance, they cook food faster. They also infuse good flavors from the smoke into the food. 

Gas ovens, on the other hand, are easy to light since there is no need to get wood. You also do not need to bother about controlling the fire. As a result, you can carry out other activities while waiting for the food to cook properly. Gas also ensures that your pizza cooks at a consistent temperature, so you are sure that one side of the food won’t cook faster than the other.

Although gas ovens are reliable, they take a longer time to heat and do not add the kind of flavor that wood adds to food. However, both gas and wood have advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you need to decide on which one will serve you better.

The Materials Used in Producing Them 

In this section, you want to consider the materials used in creating the oven. Since it is a piece of outdoor equipment, you should ensure that the walls are well insulated to sustain the inner temperature when cooking. The entire equipment should be able to maintain heat to allow the pizza to cook evenly.

When you are cooking pizza, it will stay on the floor of the oven. If the oven only gets hot at the top, only the top side of your food will cook. And no one adores a soggy pizza base with crispy toppings. 

When choosing ovens according to the materials they are made of, consider the following:

  • Refractory tiles on the floor of the oven.
  • Stone and brick for larger and heavier outdoor events. But ensure you cure the brick before using it to remove moisture.
  • Stainless steel walls for weatherproofing and better insulation. But you need to ensure that they do not rust due to the weather condition outdoors.

The Size and Style

Even if you are not concerned about your oven’s aesthetics, you want something that will blend with the theme of your garden. Also, different styles have different cooking benefits and purposes. For instance, the dome-shaped style is larger and you can cook several dishes in it at the same time. It is also very decorative.

Additionally, you need to consider your outdoor space. Can your garden contain a large oven and still have enough space for guests? Usually, people who use larger ovens do so for commercial purposes. Therefore, if you want a model for home use, a lightweight model with wheels will be good. You can easily move it to your garage after use.

There are no guidelines when it comes to choosing a style or size of an oven. If you prefer a large oven, whether you are cooking for just family members or the entire community, it is up to you to decide. Just ensure you choose equipment that will give you the kind of result you want. You can visit https://artisanpizzaovens.net to learn more about the other styles of pizza ovens available on the market.


Pizzas are easy to make and you can customize the recipe to suit your taste. So if you love pizza, you can go ahead and get an outdoor oven that will give you the pleasure of making your favorite meal at home. There are many types to choose from depending on your budget, size, and fuel type, among other factors.

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