01 August 2021

Best Simple Kitchen Renovations In Ottawa To Think About

Smart renovations in any home can make a whole lot of difference to its appeal. Whether you are moving into a brand-new home or selling your existing one, there are a few things you can do to add more value to it. One of the main rooms to do this is in the kitchen. When you renovate a kitchen, it changes the entire house for the better. 

Below we show you how a few ideas can be implemented with this space.

Open Plan Kitchen

When you have a studio flat or an open plan kitchen in a house, you can do lots with it. A space such as this offers great versatility. It may not be easy to decide on one thing, but with the right changes, you can change it to suit your needs.

Starting with clever placement of the kitchen furniture is one great idea of not doing much while doing a lot when it comes to partitioning the area, and some ideas can be found here. It will help break up the area from the rest of the house. You can use items such as a room divider, or a long sofa, with its back facing the rest of the house. 

Many types of large sofas sets or couches can accomplish this, and you can use either a straight or corner sofa to give it that partition feel. You can also add a large floor rug to the seating area. In addition, sectioning off an area can be done using glass walls, or screens. 

Storage Ideas

There is also the aspect of storage to consider. When thinking about changing the storage around or renovating it to add more storage, you can try and reduce the clutter on countertops by getting open shelves built, and adding some freestanding cabinets. 

Keeping things behind closed doors is a good way to open up spaces you never thought you had. When you are done with the toaster, tuck it into a cupboard, or when you did need your glasses or dishes anymore, add a hanging shelf to the wall and line them up on it. 

You can also add a tall cabinet on one corner to keep all the cleaning supplies inside and away from the eye of visitors. Some furniture stores sell sliding out storage solutions that do not take up much space. You can also add a multi-task cupboard with a chalkboard for a door on which you can write your grocery list, and some are also magnetic to stick your family photos and calendar onto it, so you don’t need to use the fridge door anymore. 

Display Pieces

As a bonus tip while your renovating things is, if you’re into some DIY, you can also make yourself some glass jars with labels to keep neatly on the countertops or shelves and use them to store different kinds of pasta, rice, sugar, flour and legumes, for instance. Mason jars are the best for this purpose and can be made into a chic chandelier as well: https://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g2493/kitchen-mason-jar-ideas/?slide=1 which can illuminate any working area and be the centerpiece.

These can make a stylish display on your countertops when placed together in categories, for instance, keep your different selections of pasta in one corner, and your cereals in another.

Building a Shelf Across the Walls

Adding shelves has helped much space. In the bedroom, lounge, garden and pretty much any space you need to add a bit of storage; a shelf is the best thing to do. Some of the best kitchen renovations Ottawa have made the most out of this option when there isn’t room for cabinets or cupboards anymore, and if you add a shelf that runs across the countertops and above the sink area, you can use it to place your favorite dishes, and gain some extra storage that’s away from the floors. 

You can display your kitchenware and crockery so it is easily accessible to you and the rest of the family. Showing off your designer dishes and cookware also helps bring a homely feel to the kitchen area. Anything from pitchers to glasses and bowls can be added to the collection. 

Besides the ideas above you can also opt for a multi-functional island top or freestanding unit that can be moved around the kitchen. A large kitchen trolley is one good idea where you can keep plants on top and use it for cutting your fruits and vegetables, and when you are done with it, you simple reel it off to one corner. Hanging pans and utensils on the wall on simple hooks or a hook stand also completes the look.

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