24 July 2021

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Building or renting a house is only the first step in creating a warm home that you’ll always want to get back to. While some people might argue that there isn’t anything like a perfect home, there are several things you could do to make yours warm and inviting, and just right for you. 

Other aspects of setting up a home like furniture arrangement, tiling, and so on are important, however, the beauty of most homes depend on one key aspect-painting. It’s amazing how just a little bit of color can bring life to an empty space and brighten up the entire atmosphere. 

It’s no wonder interior designers are serious about painting and how it affects the ambience of a home. Paints can produce just about any type of feel you want a room to have, be it bright and colorful, luxurious, minimalist, or even moody. With paints, when done right, the results speak for themselves. Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGa7pmeW7C0 to find home painting ideas. 

If you’ve just moved into a new house or apartment, or maybe you’ve just grown tired of the current look in your home, it is important that you understand the types of paints that exist to know which will fit your home. This is because the painting of your home is something that will be obvious and if you want people to feel relaxed and shower you with compliments, you should take your time to get it right. 

In this article, we’ll talk about two important aspects you need to know about painting to enable you make the best choice for your lovely home. 

Types of Paints

There are several types of paints available on the market today with each having its own unique benefits. Some of them are:

Oil-based Paints

These are also called alkyds and they are mostly used for high-moisture areas of the home like kitchens and bathrooms. Other areas like floors, trims, and cabinets that are prone to wear, and impact are also commonly covered with an oil-based paint. 

They have a rich finish and look to them that makes them appealing to many homeowners. Another reason many people choose oil-based paints over others is its durability and leveling (you won’t see brush strokes as brushes fill themselves in properly to produce a cleaner look). 

One of the major problems people have with oil-based is that they take a longer time to dry up. This paint can take several hours to dry and sometimes, up to a day! That said, this long drying time also has an upside to it as fixes can be made conveniently before it dries up. 

Cleaning up is yet another headache that you’ll have to deal with if you choose to go for an oil-based paint. With oil-based, except you’re a professional painter, creating a mess is inevitable. Furthermore, you’ll need chemicals like turpentine or paint thinner to wash up brushes, rollers, and other tools used in the painting process. 

Water-based Paints

A water-based paint isn’t as durable and resilient as an oil-based, but it takes most of the share of wall paints sold today. This is because it is easy to use, wash off painting tools, and most importantly, it dries a lot quicker. If you want your painting done as fast as possible, these paints are perfect for the job.

With this type of paint, you can get many coats done quickly since it takes much less time to dry. This makes the process a lot faster, fun, and easier. As have been mentioned, cleaning up after is easy and can be done with water and a little bit of soap. 

Another advantage water-based have over oil-based is that they do not smell as strong as the former when drying. Also, they are more environment-friendly than oil-based paints since they do not contain as much volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Latex-based Paints

People sometimes confuse latex-based for water-based, often using both terms interchangeably. Some latex-based paints are water-based, while some use chemical, unlike the main water-based paints that only use water.

The main difference between the two will be that latex-based do better when used on the exterior than water-based. That said, if you’d like to use this paint for your exterior walls, take caution and check the body of the paint as there are specific one made just for exterior use. To avoid getting confused, experts can be contacted for professional advice and recommendations.  You can go to Foothills Painting, Longmont CO for help with finding experts.

Types of Finishes

Paint finishes are categorized into five based on their reflectiveness. They are:


They are also called flat paints and they have the least amount of shine. Mattes are not as durable as other types, but they provide more coverage than others. They also require fewer coats to mask nail holes, and other imperfections. 

Because they aren’t so durable, they can be easily damaged when treated with cleaner. To get the best out of them, make sure they are used in areas of low traffic like ceilings, and dining rooms. 


These are the most common type of interior finish. They have a silky, soft, velvety sheen to them making them sit between the matte and gloss finish. They are easy to clean, and so, are perfect for areas with high traffic like playrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, and kitchen. It is worth mentioning that using this finish is slightly tricky as it may reveal brush strokes.  


Eggshells are not as durable as matte finishes but works well nonetheless in covering imperfections. They have a low sheen and are suitable for areas in the home with medium traffic like entryways and hallways. 


These paints are reflective, shiny, and extremely durable. They are resistant to mildew and so are great for places like bathrooms, trims, kitchens, and kids’ rooms that get a lot of moisture or wear. You should know that they will reveal imperfections more than other less shiny paints due to their glossier finish. 


These are the shiniest and most reflective of all paint finishes. They are also the most durable and can handle cleaning and washing well. This makes them a great fit for trims, cabinetry, and doors. While they are mostly used for interior finishes, high-gloss paints can also be used for shutters and other outdoor details. They will reveal imperfections if not applied correctly. Click here to learn how to get a high-gloss finish for wooden surfaces in your home.


Discussed in this article are what you should know before heading out to shop for paints. They’ll guide you in making the right choice for the different parts of your home. That said, you may want to involve in interior designer when choosing which colors will fit individual rooms and places in your home. 

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