12 July 2021

4 Easy Tips to Lower your Air Conditioning Service Costs

Did you know that as of 2015, air conditioning accountant for about 12% of the total amount of energy used in homes in the US alone?  

That means that a relatively significant portion of your total bills goes towards it. In some households, up to 50% of the electric bill goes to it. Naturally, you want to keep the expense low but still get maximum benefits from your AC. 

So how can you achieve this? What measures can you put in place to keep your service bill and expenditure as low as possible? Here are some tips to help you out. You can also get in touch with https://www.hvacalbuquerquenm.com/ and learn more.

1. Work on your windows

Windows are a crucial part of a home and play both a functional and aesthetic role. They let in natural light and allow unrestricted airflow in and out of the house when left open.  

They can also play a critical role when it comes to matter with your AC. For example, if your windows don’t fully seal when shut, they may let out the air. This means that your AC will be working much harder to maintain a suitable air temperature. The overworking can, in turn, cause breakdowns whose repairs are costly.

A simple solution is to ensure your windows are completely sealed in the summers constantly. Additionally, you may upgrade to leak-proof windows. When choosing them, ensure you inquire about how energy efficient they are. The cost may be high, but it is a one-time upgrade that will save you money over several years.

Another great way to ensure your windows work well for you is to install curtains, blinds, or adding some shade to glass windows. Generally, clear window panes allow unobstructed sunlight to enter your home. This then raises the in-house temperature, making your system work much harder to cool it.

2. Proper insulation of your house

The whole idea behind setting up an in-house heating and cooling system is to regulate the temperature in your house. Therefore, a place that loses heat goes against that point. Your home can lose heat through different windows and other extra non-uniform rooms such as the attics, basements, or garages.

Insulating such areas prevents unnecessary heat loss and reduces the AC's work, essentially lowering the amount of electricity used. Since the system is not overworked, chances of it breaking down are minimal. 

Therefore, any maintenance costs are significantly reduced. See this link for a few ideas on how to insulate your home https://www.oldhouseonline.com/repairs-and-how-to/7-insulation-tips/ 

3. Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are a particular type that involves programming a set of requirements before use. 

With these, you can pre-set a series of your desired air conditioning settings for different times of the day. The item then automatically readjusts to produce your desired effect at the pre-set times.  Some examples include the clock and setback thermostats.

Programmable thermostats are great because they prevent unnecessary heat loss. In addition, they are convenient in that you only need to program them once. That makes them time-saving as well.

Just like the energy-efficient windows, these devices require some initial costs for setting up. However, in the long run, they are a big save.

4. Replace Your Filters

HVAC filters are a crucial part of your AC system. They help trap dust, hair, and other solid particles that may otherwise pollute your indoor air. 

The air filters may become clogged with the trapped substances. That, in the end, makes your system work harder to cool air. When it happens over a prolonged period, it may also destroy your system.

Regularly replacing the filters ensures they stay in tip-top performance, saving you costs in electricity bills and possible future system repairs. For best results, replace once every few months or whenever your technician recommends doing so during routine maintenance services. Click here to read more.


The ever-changing temperatures, weather, and seasons have made AC a fundamental part of every household. It is now no longer just a want, but a necessity. With it come the costs associated with air conditioning services such as installation, repairs, and maintenance. While there’s very little you can do about the initial installation costs; you can control just how much you spend on the processes that come after. Lowering the amount you spend on the electricity bill from the tips in this article is a sure way of reducing your air conditioning service costs.

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