22 August 2021

How Long Does Concrete Foundation Repair in Dayton, Ohio, Last? | A Homeowner’s Guide to Repairs

When you invest in concrete foundation repair in Dayton, Ohio, you want to know that those fixes will last as long as possible! Not only are foundation repair costs an expensive investment but it’s vital that your home sits on a solid, stable foundation. A weak foundation allows a structure to shift and then sink, risking wall cracks, buckled floors, mold, and other damage.

A foundation repair contractor in Dayton is the best source of information when it comes to repairs your home needs. However, you might note some general information about various foundation repair methods and their overall longevity, so you know what to expect during the project and if you might need to pay for certain fixes repeatedly throughout the years. Ask the foundation repair experts in Dayton by visiting their website.

Concrete Foundation Repair in Dayton, Ohio, Methods

To better understand how long concrete foundation repair for Dayton homes might last, it’s good to break down this information according to repair methods. Knowing how various repairs are performed can give you a better idea of why they have such a difference in price and longevity, and understand the foundation fixes your contractor might recommend.

Foam injections, patches, and sealants

Foam injections and masonry patches and sealants are excellent choices for minor cracks and emergency repairs. Foam injections seep deep into concrete then expand and harden, filling in cracks and blocking moisture.

Masonry patches and sealants are used to repair surface cracks along concrete walls and blocks. These also keep those cracks from growing and expanding while blocking moisture.

These fixes typically cost just a few hundred dollars per application. Some injections and patches are durable and meant to last for years if not indefinitely, but other products might last anywhere from 3 to 10 years before they degrade and need replacing.

Steel, concrete, and helical piers

Underpinning refers to inserting steel or helical piers or pins into the ground surrounding a basement foundation, or underneath a concrete slab foundation. These either sit under the foundation, providing added support, or are attached to the side of a foundation.

Concrete piers are similar to pins but are poured under a slab foundation. These piers then dry and offer added support to a weak or cracked foundation. Concrete piers are also useful for foundations or concrete structures needing only lightweight support, such as porches or patios.

Steel pins can last for decades if not indefinitely, and especially if you take added steps to protect them from damage such as installing drainage systems. Concrete piers don’t have the same longevity but can last for decades before needing repair or replacing.

House leveling

House leveling or slab jacking is used for homes that have already begun to sink. Holes are drilled into the foundation and then a special slurry or mud is injected underneath the slab; that slurry dries and lifts the foundation back into place, offering added support and stability.

Most house leveling products last for decades if not indefinitely. However, as with any foundation repair in Dayton, Ohio, it’s vital that you take steps to correct whatever may have contributed to that foundation damage in the first place, such as grading your property or waterproofing the foundation.

Carbon fiber straps

Weakened basement walls might tend to bow inward as they struggle to hold up the weight of the home. Carbon fiber straps help correct his bowing; these straps are attached to the walls as needed and then tightened, pushing those walls back into position.

Depending on their quality, carbon fiber straps should last many years if not decades. Waterproofing the basement walls and ensuring proper drainage outside the home will also help prevent future water damage, keeping those walls strong and secure.


Shims are wedges pounded in between cross pieces; if your home’s floor tends to sag or squeak in certain areas, you might pound wood shims between the subfloor and floor joists, for added strength and stability. Foundation shims are wood or metal pieces inserted between piers and beams underneath a home.

While shims offer some added stability for a foundation, they are typically considered a short-term fix. Expect to have shims reinstalled or otherwise adjusted every few years, as needed.

How to Ensure Concrete Foundation Repair in Dayton Lasts

As with any home improvement project, if you don’t take steps to correct whatever causes foundation damage in the first place, you will likely need foundation repairs again before too long. Since excess moisture is a common cause of foundation damage, ensure your property is graded properly, allowing moisture to flow away from the home rather than pooling around the foundation.

Concrete waterproofing also helps protect against moisture damage. Invest in professional waterproofing services for your home, as DIY applications are usually low-quality and don’t offer the same protection as professional products and services. Professional waterproofing is often done along with concrete foundation repair in Dayton, to protect that work and ensure your home is always stable and secure.

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