30 October 2020

Commercial Property Improvements That Attract New Tenants

Commercial property owners know that improvements to the structure are a great way to attract new tenants that will pay a premium for top notch quality. Building a great relationship with any new tenant starts with an attention to detail. The more they see that you care for the property, the more they will too.

Consider the façade

Starting with the façade is a great way to give your property a much-needed facelift in order to attract new clients. Whether you are considering an all glass front or a more gritty feel with an exposed brick layer, redoing the exterior of the building will spruce up its outer layer in order to attract more prospective tenants. Upgrades to the outside must be met with some care internally as well in order to really wow renters.

Roofing repairs attract long term business


Rounding out the exterior, thinking about a roof replacement should be at the top of any owner’s list on an older building. No matter the type of roof you put on your building, it will need replacing at some point. Most Roofs last about 20 years, but metal or high-quality tile roof could last even longer if it’s well maintained. Finding commercial roofing support to replace an old covering or to do routine maintenance in order to extend the life of your current exterior covering is a great way to show prospective tenants that you care for their interests as well as your own. Any business would be wary of moving into a property with a decaying roof that could give in any day, potentially destroying the company’s hard work and expensive equipment in the process.

Think about storage needs

Storage inclusions are also a great addition to any commercial property. Every business will have storage needs, so consider adding some backroom storage. This is a great idea for an office park type property or large lockboxes behind a strip mall — it's a sure way to bring in lots of prospective clients to view the location. Thinking about your tenant’s needs before he or she does is a surefire way to win over new clients.

Adding foliage brings a fresh vibe


Plant life is a fantastic addition to any office space. Whether you build plant boxes outside the front doors or add China Doll plant pots on every floor to "green up" the interior, dedication to bringing a little color and plant life to the otherwise drab fixtures of a corporate office space can really make a difference for a business looking for a new long-term commercial property to rent.

Central air upgrades show your dedication to the property


Fixing any issues with air conditioning or heating sources is a must when looking to rent your commercial real estate. Every office needs a working central air conditioning system that is up to scratch. If your AC is aging or failing on you then taking proactive steps to repair or replace the faulty parts will show when you decide to list the property.

New heating and AC system can be leveraged as a high-quality selling point and many businesses that require strict cooling requirements for a central computing room will be looking for this particular upgrade — meaning you may even be able to charge a premium for a maintenance issue that you would be required to resolve eventually anyway.

Think about the needs of your clients when you consider relisting your commercial real estate space. Consider the upgrades you would want in your own office in order to make the property stand out on the market.

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