07 October 2020

How to Use Your Couch in Different Areas of Your House

In recent years, the parts of a home that used to be so strictly defined have started losing their rigidity.  People double bedrooms as home offices, the dining room is also a study room, and living rooms have become home gyms.  This option comes to mind, especially when it comes to furniture.  Our couches have lived lifetimes in our living rooms, saved for use only when we're watching tv or reading a book and wanting to lounge.  They don't have to be left for this!

There are dozens of other places in your home that could use a couch- these are some of them!

Home Offices

Although we know better than to let ourselves lounge and be comfortable when we're trying to work, since it can risk us wanting to nap,  Still, having a couch in your office can give you a huge advantage.  When you need somewhere to sit on your breaks, but don't want to go too far from your computer, a couch can help.

Another great tip is that you can double your office into a guest room if you don't have enough rooms in your home.  This plan can help you avoid putting a bed into your office or make your guests sleep on an air mattress. Instead, you can find a couch that doubles as a bed.  Make sure to choose carefully when you select your couch, or you could end up with a two in one that's not great at being either.


Our bedrooms are made to be palaces of comfort, yet we often don’t have any comfortable surfaces besides our beds!  We deserve more places to sit and enjoy our rooms.  A couch could offer a place to sit and put on your socks in the morning, or a sanctuary to slip away from the world and read.  

Take the time to dig around for a couch or sofa to make you comfortable, check out materials, or look at different sofa reviews to find the perfect choice for your room.  A sofa can reimagine how you enjoy the bedroom and make it into more of a suite than a simple place.  If you live with roommates or a family and need time to yourself- a couch in your bedroom can make it so that you don't have to spend all of your time in your room in a bed.

Some bedroom sets have a loveseat option you can get to go with the group, but don't be afraid to be bold with this piece!  You can make it the one jewel tone item in your room, or get a dark couch for a mostly light place.  Don't be afraid to be bold with it!

Guest Rooms

Guest rooms are often just a bed, a chair, and a small desk.  Instead of just doing that, you can look instead of what can make them comfortable.  A guest may need time to themselves while they stay in your home.  Offer them the comfort of a space where they can relax, keep their bags, and spread out when they want to enjoy time to themselves.  A comfortable and happy guest is more likely to come back and visit, plus everyone wants to make their guests and family happy and satisfied.

If you want to double your bed count for guests, you can also utilize this couch to make a second bed.  Making this couch a pullout couch will let more than one guest stay, without making them remain in the same bed.  As mentioned before, make sure you get a high-quality pullout couch so that your guests will get to be as comfortable and happy as possible.  You don't want to skimp on this and leave someone with back pain or a terrible night of sleep.

Laundry Room

This laundry room isn't the first place much think of when considering where to put a couch, but hear me out!  Almost a third of American families often end up with a pile of laundry they stash somewhere and dig out of when they need clothes.  When you have kids, that laundry pile is unavoidable.  Make folding and doing laundry something you want to do by making the room more comfortable.  A small sofa or loveseat is all you need; you can even read or work on a laptop while you wait for the dryer to finish.  It may sound like a bizarre idea, but the more comfortable you make a room, the more likely that you'll end up using it.  Allow yourself to catch up on laundry without having to feel like you're undertaking a monumental task.


Sunrooms are beautiful rooms that not every home has.  Like screened-in porches, these areas allow you to feel connected to the world outside of your home, while also enjoying the comforts of staying away from bugs or rain.  Many people use patio furniture in these rooms, but it doesn't have to be like that!  Depending on the area you live in, a sofa or couch could happily live in your sunroom.  

Look at brands that call themselves mildew or mold-resistant, and then work out from there.  These days you can find a couch in almost any style or price point that matches what you want, so don’t be afraid to look!

Our couches don't need to live only in our living rooms, they're versatile pieces of furniture that can be put to use in most rooms of our home that need a little comfort.  If you have a place that needs a little more space and somewhere to sit and have time to yourself or with others, think about putting a couch there!

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