26 November 2018

Save time and money with Dryel

A couple of months ago, my friends at CR Brands sent me a sample kit of Dryel, the at-home dry cleaner. While I was happy to receive a sample, I have to admit I was a bit of a skeptic.

About a month after I put the kit away in the laundry room, Frank and I had tickets to the Pennsylvania Ballet’s season opener in Philly and since it was kind of a big deal I had to wear a suit. I don’t have to get dressed like that very often but when I do I want to look as sharp as anyone does given the circumstances.

When I pulled out my suit I realized that there was an oil spot in the lapel I hadn’t noticed before. The suit I wanted to wear was light gray and the oil stain was as obvious as the nose on my face. I was a bit miffed but I remembered that I had a Dryel kit waiting in the wings and now was the chance to use it.

I sprayed the stain with the included stain spray and then put my entire suit into a Dryel bag along with a Dryel cleaning cloth. I put that whole shebang into the dryer and crossed my fingers. 20 minutes later I took my damp-ish suit out of the Dryel dryer bag and hung it up as instructed. In less than ten minutes, my suit was ready to wear and honestly, the oil stain on the lapel was gone completely. It was like magic. It saved me about 12 bucks, at least two day’s time and a whole lot of heartache.

Putting a wool suit in the dryer was a bit of a leap of faith but man it worked perfectly.

Dryel is a terrific product and while even they’ll admit it doesn’t replace dry cleaning completely, it’s a great way to freshen and spot clean clothes between dry cleanings. Dry cleaning anything is an expensive pain in the butt but Dryel does take away some of the sting.

Dryel works in the dryer. A Dryel kit comes with a fabric laundry bag and four cleaning cloths. The cleaning cloths are activated by the heat of the dryer and the bag concentrates the steam produced. That steam dissolves oils and odors and an included spot cleaning pen makes short work of more obvious problems like my oil stain.

Dryel’s available in the laundry aisle in most grocery stores as well as at Target and Walmart. I found it the other day at the two grocery stores I frequent, Wegmans and Giant. It retails for less than ten bucks and included in that kit are four cleaning cloths and it’s safe to consider those four cloths as four trips to the dry cleaners. Dryel kits pay for themselves after one use and that’s pretty cool.

One use turned this skeptic into a believer so give them a shot, you won’t regret it.

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