30 April 2018

Clever Space-Saving Tips for Your Apartment


With the size of the average US apartment measuring around 889 square feet, apartments are steadily shrinking as developers squeeze in as many units as possible. But however small you think your living space may be, it's likely to be much bigger than one particular apartment in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen which measures just 78 square feet. Regardless of how small your apartment, there are many tricks to maximizing every bit of space you have.

Maximize the space under your bed

Your bed is hiding lots of potential storage space underneath. If you are buying a new bed, look for one with plenty of built-in storage underneath. If you already own a bed but it's low, get some bed risers to raise it up. Then you can store away items in rollaway boxes in the new space you've created. You could even invest in an elevated bed that you fold into the wall, leaving you with a great space to use during the day.

Consider scale and proportion

When choosing new furniture, make sure you pay close attention to scale and proportion. For armchairs and couches, you need to look for designs that are compact and tight rather than a traditional three-piece sofa that will simply overpower the space. And of course, the golden rule is to try to find a piece of furniture that has built-in storage or has a multipurpose function.

Make the most of high ceilings

If you are fortunate to have an apartment with a beautiful high ceiling, then make the most of it by creating a mezzanine level with a space that you can fill with floor-to-ceiling storage. This is a fantastic way of giving your apartment a luxury feel, while also giving you an extra level between floors. And of course, some much needed extra storage.

Use visual design tricks

The ultimate trick for maximizing a small space is to distract the eye. By providing a point of visual interest, the focus will not be on how small a room actually is, but on an eye-catching design instead. Creating a busy feature wall with some bold artwork and different sized picture frames will distort the perception of space. Using mirrors is another great cheat to making a room feel much bigger and brighter.

With a little investment, time and some creative thinking it is possible to make the most out of every last bit of space in your apartment without compromising on style or comfort.

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