06 April 2018

5 Tips to Decorating Your Kitchen

Meals are prepared in your kitchen and it’s the room where each member of your family hangs out and everyone converges. Whether you get to the kitchen to get some water to drink, prepare a quick meal due to your busy schedule or catch up over the weekend with your family around the kitchen island, it needs to be an inviting and functional space.

Although remodeling your kitchen is a sure way to give it a new look, there are other simple ways to decorating your kitchen without breaking the bank. Here are tips to help you spruce up your kitchen to an inspiring room where you look forward to each day and enjoy preparing your meals:

Top 5 Easy Ways to Decorating Your Kitchen

1. Create a Focal Point

What grabs your attention the moment you walk through the kitchen door into the cooking room? Is it the backsplash, the kitchen island or the walls? What do you want to stand out in your kitchen? Hang an artwork on a wall or paint it in a bold color you want in your cooking space to act as the focal point.

Alternatively, find wallpaper with a beautiful pattern or texture and fix it on one wall in the kitchen to make it stand out. Using colored tiles on your backsplash, colored bar stools or appliances can also give your kitchen an instant new look, atop making it inviting.

2. Add Open Shelving

Open shelves give you an option to display your collectibles for an attractive look. Color coordinate items on your shelves and keep them minimal for a clean yet attractive look. Open cabinets is a great alternative to installing shelves if there’s not much space in your kitchen.

Remove cabinet doors or replace them with glass doors to display your items. Chinaware, matching glasses, food stored in transparent containers, cookie jars and vases are some great accessories to display on your open shelves.

3. Use Grey PVC Tablecloths

Dressing your kitchen table or island is both functional and decorative. Grey PVC doesn’t just add a modern look in your kitchen, but also protects your table surface from spillages.

4. Create a Display Gallery on a Kitchen Wall

If your kitchen looks boring with plain walls, consider creating a gallery to add some visual interest. Vintage dishes, framed album covers, different types of mirrors, fabric swatches, framed wallpaper, baskets, empty frames in varying sizes and shapes, and antiques can make up a beautiful wall gallery in your kitchen.

Choose patterned, symmetrical, asymmetrical or freestyle item placements on your wall. Try an arrangement on the floor before fixing things on your wall gallery to ensure that once you fix something, you don’t have to remove it. It’s all about being creative and playing around with the items to use in your gallery and how to place them. Have fun!

5. Add Chalkboard Paint

Dress up one of your kitchen walls in chalkboard paint. It won’t just act as a backdrop for other colorful items in your kitchen, but is also bound to create visual interest. A gallery or floating shelf on part of the board can help create a layered, unique look for an inspired wall you can use to list your menu each day.

Whether you want to decorate your kitchen in a natural, contemporary, modern, traditional or cozy design style, you won’t go wrong with these tips.

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