30 March 2010

Industrial design from Prague

Martin Žampach  is an industrial designer in Prague, the Czech Republic. He does really interesting and varied work and as with so many of my recent finds, I met him through Twitter. Industrial design represents a nearly perfect convergence of wide range of disciplines. It's art, it's science, it's engineering, it's math; pick a skill set and it comes into play. I've been fortunate to meet a number of industrial designers in the last year and getting glimpses of how they do what they do is a thrill to say the least.

Martin's been involved in some beautiful and clever projects and his entire portfolio is on the web, you can find it here.

Some highlights include glassware designed for Moravské Sklárny Květná. In English, that's the Moravian Flower Glassworks, from the Czech village of Strání-Květná.

Here's his Jar Rádiovka, based on an old beret.

Photo by Jiří Jevický

This is a container inspired by a spinning top.

Photo by Jiří Jevický

And my favorite, this is the Vespertillium clothes pin set. Martin was on the team that designed it for the Art Lebedev Studio in Moscow.

You can see these creations and the rest of his portfolio on his website, Martin Žampach.


  1. Lovin' the shot glass stopper - brilliant and eminently practical. In Czech I imagine that decanter would be filled with slivovice; if you've never had it, brace yourself! I have had the dubious pleasure and it is memorable.

    The clothespins are diabolically clever - can you see the Count giggling to himself on wash day? The inverted pins on the clothesline are bloody brilliant.

  2. Rich,

    When I saw the clothespins hanging upside down I was hooked. They are indeed bloody brilliant. If you want an even bigger thrill, poke around on the Russian design website, Art Lebedev (http://www.artlebedev.com. They do some really amazing work all the while spitting in the eye of The Man.

  3. Hence: Thanks for the comment. Are you in London, Manchester or Brighton? I love your in situ art.

  4. I love how flat the bases on that stemware appear. Who thinks to design a line of blown glass drink service.

  5. Very cool stuff Paul! I think ID is such an awesome career... the ability to be so creative and impact peoples everyday lives... Nice post!

  6. Thanks Michelle, it's a real pleasure to meet people from around the world who all care about the same things.

  7. i WANT some bat clothespins. but i haven't owned clothespins in years...wonder what i'd use them for?

  8. I use 'em as bag clips, and having my bag clips be BAT CLIPS would be almost too much to bear.


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