10 March 2010

Hairy bikers?

The terrific Sarah Lloyd write the blog Kitchen Clarity and she mentions Beautiful Kitchens from time to time. Beautiful Kitchens is a British design magazine with a lively online presence. I like seeing what's going on in my profession in other parts of the world and Beautiful Kitchens is a great window into the K&B business in Britain.

British kitchens are familiar to this American set of eyes, but just different enough so that everything seems new. As a case in point, the editor made mention of something called Hairy Bikers World.

Hairy Bikers World is a cooking show from the BBC from what I can gather and it appears to be some kind of a cultural touchstone on that side of the Atlantic. It seems odd to me, but then again I'd hate to have any assumptions made about me based on the dreck that's on TV in the US.

So to all of my British friends and others in the know, what gives with Hairy Bikers World? Cultural touchstone or forgettable piffle?


  1. Hi Paul - thanks for the nice mention! I'm sorry to say I know nothing about those hairy bikers, except that they were behind the scenes TV people who somehow persuaded the Beeb to send them all around the world exploring food - nice work if you can get it! How about a new series,Auntie BBC, "The Hairy Bloggers"? I'm sure you'd find some volunteers

  2. Thank you! Someone responded to my plea at last. So now I know. Hairy bloggers... I'd love a gig like that but I lack the follicles. How about shameless bloggers? Then I'd bee a shoo in.


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