02 March 2010

Modern eclecticism, hold the camp

This is architect Curtis Popp's living room and kitchen in an apartment he designed for his dad. I think it's a well nigh perfect example of how to be warm yet modern and interesting without being cluttered.

These images are from a spread in Dwell. The living room I'm imagining for myself looks remarkably like this. I see Le Corbusier chairs, an Arco lamp and are they Philippe Starck barstools? Design classics yet this room looks nothing like a museum. Bravo.


  1. Spooky -- I want my planned family room to have a big Persian rug and black leather seating, but I hadn't seen anything quite like it... this is pretty close.

  2. Spooky indeed. It's as if that architect peered right into my mind's eye. Now it seems he did it twice.


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