22 March 2010

Interlam's stone veneers are nothing short of revolutionary

I had a sales rep for Interlam in my office last week and he showed me this photograph.

I thought it was pretty cool. The image is kind of small here but it appears to be a wall made from stone slabs. I said something like "I cannot imagine how much something like that weighs." He laughed and said, "Try about 50 pounds."

That display is made from a stone laminate invented by Interlam.

Actual slabs of slate are rough cut into layers 1/16th of an inch thick and then they're bonded to a thin sheet of fiberglass.  The result is a lightweight, rigid stone slab about an eighth of an inch thick. It can be used indoors or out and looks for all the world like a slab of slate.

Remarkable! Check out Interlam's website.


  1. Really interesting and a great resource for all those 70"s fireplaces.

  2. It is interesting and it doesn't look the least bit cheesey. I can't wait to use it for something.

  3. I saw the same product at the International Design Show in January. I contacted the guy about doing an interview about the product, but he never got back to me. And now you've scooped me!! ;-)

    The veneer really does look like the real thing. Very cool :-)


  4. This is fabulous!
    Thank you for the link Paul. -Brenda-

  5. It's pretty cool stuff, that's for sure.

  6. Oh that stuff is just awesome. Thanks for sharing it. Hope to see more of it. Back splash paired with a slate floor? Outdoor kitchens? Really inspires the imagination!

  7. It's really an engineering marvel. You cannot tell it's not a slab of stone, you cannot.

  8. I love interlam. I am using it in a job now for panels on a ref and back side of island...but have not seen this! Cool stuff but not cheap!

  9. Call your rep Cheryl, I have a full sample kit of the stuff and it's amazing.


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