05 March 2010

Jellio is more than Gummi Bear chandeliers

This chandelier made the rounds of the internet this week and after the fifth time I saw it, I followed the link back from whence it came.

The chandelier is the product of a company called Jellio, and Jellio makes childhood-themed furnishings for adults. Ordinarily, I resent these kinds of forced marches back into the deep recesses of my youth, but these guys are onto something. What they're onto is that the vein they're tapping belongs to me and just about everybody else who was born before 1970. Three cheers for post boomers! Not that there's anything wrong with baby boomers but get off the stage already.

So even though I can't imagine using some of this stuff in a project, it's nice to know Jellio's out there.

This is a magazine rack made from two interlocking monkeys. They're straight from a Barrel of Monkeys and it's just subtle enough that I like this genuinely.

These babies are what sold me.

They are vases that are oversized handle grips from a sting ray bicycle. Oh man! They even have detachable streamers.

Remember the wood and steel xylophones that were sold as kids toys? Do they still make stuff like this?

Anyhow, here the shape has been turned into a coffee table. No sound, but something like this just might translate into the right room.

This is another coffee table and it's pretty self-explanatory.

What makes this eerily authentic is that its a soft foam core covered in vinyl, just like car seats used to be. Excellent.

I grew up in a house with six boys in it. We made a lot of models over the years and I'd all but forgotten that whole process until I saw this.

That wall hanging is based on the shape that chrome parts for a model car came out of the box. It's brilliant actually. Call me crazy, but something like this would actually work in the right room.

Jellio also does custom work and here's where they convinced me of their skill and genius.

This is a Hotwheels mosaic.

It's made from what else but Hotwheels.

I'm glad you're out there Jellio, keep at it. Check out the rest of their wares on their website.


  1. Great find Paul - I love it. I just wish the xylophone table worked.

  2. I am completely suckered into this stuff solely on emotion...which is their schtick, clearly. I love it! As soon as I saw that monkey magazine thing I was immediately transported to our neighbor's basement as it was in 1976. I love the bike handles too. I had handles like that on a bike with a white banana seat and blue sparkly paint. The tassles had been torn off by the previous little brat who owned it.

  3. I'm going to request that they make a banana seat bar stool --complete with a sissy bar.

  4. I love the boogeyman rug! That's so awesome! (and this isn't cool for *only* pre-1970s ppl! Some of us had older cousins/siblings who introduced us to this stuff by way of hand-me-downs)

  5. That boogeyman rug IS pretty cool. I wondered if that pre-1970 line would get any guff.

  6. I saw that gummi bear chandelier a while back -- it's so fun :-) All the other Jellio pieces are cool too -- the wall hanging of the model car parts is great!!

    Fun stuff :-)


  7. Kelly! I was just thinking about you today. Feeling a little overwhelmed with school and everything else?


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