16 March 2010

Newform's Minimal outdoor shower is an exercise maximalism

The every energetic and ever-talented Emilie Williams-Romero mentioned Newform's Minimal shower in a comment the other day. I'd never heard of it before so I tracked it down. Here it is.

Good glory here it is again.

It comes in four forms for outdoor use and four for indoor. There are also three kinds of coordinated body sprayers. What gets me though are its outdoor forms.

This is the single.

This is the crossed double.

This is the uncrossed double.

It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The controls are on the floor and controlled by your foot by the way.

Newform has been manufacturing water fixtures of arresting beauty from a small town in Italy's Piedmont (we call it Piemonte in Italian) since 1981. Who knew that the foothills of the Alps held such beauty? Other than the obvious beauty that is. Bravi!


  1. Gimme. Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.

  2. Shall i copy my other comments from the medusa shower article about this incredible piece of shower glory??

    i swear when i saw this piece of art for the first time on display at Cersaie in Italy i almost DIED. it's SO beautiful. it just has this 'presence' of peacefulness and modern elegance... (the flat slight crossing/turning shape reminds me a little of my Brizo Belo Kitchen handle)

    but i *will* own the double crossed floor mounted design one day.... like have a modern courtyard with this as a fountain in the middle, SICIS tiled floor.. Fantini Acquapura panel on the side... ahhhh.. i think this shower heaven i'm dreaming up in my head right now is turning into an entire ultra modern residence... this acoustic guitar rock star thing better work out for me haha..

  3. It's easily the most elegant shower I've ever seen. Thanks for pointing it out to me! I may just make it to Cersaie this year.

  4. Cersaie is one of my favorite shows, (well after Salone del Mobile..) but the tile ALONE at Cersaie is worth the trip..... so so much beautiful and inspiring things there..

    oh and p.s. the new name is Romero not Romano ;) hehe

  5. Fixed! Sorry about that. I suppose that's what I get for writing in the middle of the night.


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