18 March 2010

KBIS... there's an app for that

The Kitchen and Bath Industry show is in less than four weeks. If you're going to be in Chicago, let me know and we'll arrange a meet up. In the meantime, I'll be presenting at 11am, 1pm and 3pm at booth S1210. I'm speaking about my designerly process and the tools I use to express my vision. That sounds kind of lofty and I promise to make it interesting.

Anyhow, KBIS is always a whirlwind of activity and this year promises to be no different. In order to keep track of what's going on when, there's a mobile website that behaves like an app available. Navigate your phone's browser to kbis.tripbuilder.mobi and it will launch itself. There's nothing to download.

If you have an iPhone, you can make a button for you home screen that will launch the page automatically. Once you're on the KBIS Tripbuilder page, hit the plus sign at the bottom of your screen. Select "Add to Home Screen" and you're done. You can do that with any webpage by the way.

I'm sure that Blackberry has some inefficient and inelegant way to do something similar although it may involve a DOS prompt.


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