11 March 2010

It's a rebate from GE Monogram

GE Monogram appliances are brought to market by some of the kindest and most decent people in the industry. In a world of conflicting alliances and interests, I admire their commitment to what they do and I appreciate their good-natured and fast responses to my many questions and requests. They're a solid organization and they turn out a solid line of appliances.

So this group of decent, hard working people have an offer they're running through September 30, 2010 and it's a rebate. There's a maximum rebate of $2,000 available and here's how it works. Follow this link for the full details.

Buy a 48" dual-fuel pro range

and a 48" pro hood


buy either an electric cooktop,

a gas cooktop,

or a rangetop,

a hood

and a single

or a double wall oven

and get $1000 instant rebate.

Then buy an eligible refrigerator and get an additional $1000 in instant savings.

If you're looking for new appliances, now's the time.

Once again, go to Monogram's website to get the specific models covered by this rebate offer. Thanks Monogram!


  1. "In a world of conflicting alliances and interests"

    I request a follow-up blog post on this topic :)

  2. Julie: Don't stir the pot! I love everybody.


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