18 March 2010

Saxon Henry's Roaming by Design profiles the Blogger 19

The Blogger 19 from left to right: Andie Day, Saxon Henry, Cheryl Kees-Clendenon, Sarah Lloyd, Ann Porter, Johnny Grey, Kelly Morrisseau, Laurie Burke, Jason Wu, Susan Serra, Carmen Natschke, Jamie Goldberg, Aston Smith, Chuck Wheelock, Leslie Clagett, me, Pam Rodriguez, Adrienne Palmer and Sabrina Velandry
A little more than a month ago, I was honored to be one of the 19 designer/ bloggers invited to New York by Brizo to preview some of their new offerings and attend a fashion show. So far as I can tell, Brizo pulled off an industry first --they put together a focus group comprised of industry influencers, each with his or her own internet following. I blogged about the event and the attendees here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Geez I write a lot.

As of this morning, Roaming by Design started the definitive series on that event and it will continue tomorrow. Reading about it a month after the fact has left me marveling at the whole experience all over again. Check out her posts today and tomorrow.

Reading Saxon's profile of me has left me beaming and blushing at the same time. Thanks to everyone who put our event together and thanks to everyone who attended. We made history kids.


  1. Thanks for the love, Paul! It has been a wonderful experience knowing everyone and has made my daily life so much more dynamic--sitting at a computer alone can get rather isolating and seeing what everyone is doing and saying float across my visual field makes me feel as if I'm not so alone. I love the talent contained within the group. As the lowly writer amongst you, I feel blessed! Hasta manana!

  2. Well, as the "lowly writer" you've done a laudable job of documenting everything we did in that whirlwind 48 hours. These profiles are just icing on the cake. Thank YOU!

  3. You bet: it's my sacred duty, man!

  4. You are no lowly writer, Paul.

  5. Thanks Ann, are you going to make it to Chicago?


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