10 March 2010

Congratulations Mr. Wu

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Michele Obama and Jason Wu unveiled the dress she wore at the inaugural ball in a ceremony at The Smithsonian this morning.

Since I've met Jason Wu twice, this has me one degree removed from the first lady and two degrees separated from her husband. He's a man I'm still proud to say I voted for by the way. So congratulations Jason, it's a real thrill to see such talent succeed.


  1. was kind of exciting to see Jason there with the First Lady! And, wow, what an accomplishment for someone so young! I am not sure I even paid my bills on time when I was his age....or paid them at all???

  2. Tell me about it. I was a mess at 26. A hot mess.

  3. Paul, he's a year younger than me.. I've always been very impressed by his maturity and talent and vision - having sat next to him at dinner before and having been in a few meetings with him, i can't get over the fact that he was only 23 when we started working with him.. and i was 24 just sketching up little things like Virage, but still.. ah what a charmed life, but it isn't easy to get to the top, he's an incredibly hard worker, it is a difficult struggle in the beginning for all of us young designers, no matter what particular field, be it bath and kitchen design or fashion.. though i'll admit fashion has a little more sex appeal :)


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