14 March 2010

A shower head that gives me pause

This is the Sculpture shower head by Vado.

But reminds of a little something by Caravaggio.

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, 1597

I can't look at that fixture without thinking about Perseus' run in with Medusa.

Perseus Beheads Medusa, Laurent Honoré Marqueste, 1901

It would be an interesting way to start the day. Just don't look at the shower directly or you'll turn to stone.

Detail from Perseus Beheads Medusa, Laurent Honoré Marqueste, 1901


  1. Hehe! That shower head was truly misnamed... Though I don't suppose Medusa would be a great sales gambit.

  2. But the classics always sell, maybe not very quickly but they are classics for a reason. But then again, I tend to see everything through a Greco-Roman lens.

  3. hehehe i love funky designs like this, when they are done well of course :)

    ..you've seen all those crazy Newform brand designs right? i want to say they're only in Europe maybe? but.. i think they make some of my favorite crazy and beautiful things.. really appreciate how they push the design envelope!!

    Have you seen their gorgeous floor mounted two-flowing pieces of metal criss crossing shower thing???? TO DIE FOR in person.. i think it's actually just called 'minimal' but i about had a heart attack on the show floor in Milan when i saw that for the first time.. they almost had to call security guards on me when i hopped over the velvet rope and flung myself at its feet.. ok well i wasn't THAT bad but i think someone had to drag me away from the Newform booth that day..

    So when i hit it big time as an acoustic guitar playing singer rock star i'm gonna buy that and put it in the middle of a giant SICIS tiled wet room and install one of those Fantini Acquapura shower walls panels on one side too and call it "shower heaven" :) i'll put an outdoors lounge chair in there and make sure i have a 500 gallon commercial hot water heater.. and uhm maybe install one of those Hansgrohe Pontos gray water recycling tanks cause i'd just feel guilty with having *that* much shower.. :)

    p.s. Paul, love the new blog look!!

  4. Oh man Emily, I'd forgotten all about the Newform Minimal showers. Thanks for the reminder, look for a post where I gush over them soon. Ditto the Fantini Acquapura. I wonder who does their PR...

  5. Definitely too serpentine!

  6. I wonder how well it works...


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