19 March 2010

Chair lust, Italian style

I saw these beauties on Trendir and I had to spread 'em around.

This is the Loop 3D Vinterio, designed by Claus Breinholt for Inifiniti.

These stackable chairs are available in six veneers; dark-stained oak, amazakoue, American walnut, black cherry and my favorites, sapeli/ sycamore and character tulip.

I don't know about you guys but I'm coming down with the shivering fits over these things.


  1. Shivering fits? Paul you are such a freak :) (and you know I mean that in the nicest way)

    What's the brown one with the pale stripes in it? I like that one best, it reminds me of those humbug candies.

  2. These are enough to make you want to learn the Italian language. -Brenda-

  3. Sarah: I lack enough superlatives.

    Nim: I say things like shivering fits for your entertainment specifically. It's true though. The stripey one you like is a combination of Sapeli and Sycamore veneers. What the hell is a humbug candy?

    Brenda and Michelle: Amen amen!


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