06 March 2010

Sink lust?

You can have the faucet in this photo, but check out this sink.

It has a coordinated bathtub too, but I'm all about the sink.

This bathroom was at the Paris trade show Maison et Objet last January, and everything here is from Tetard-Haudidquez-Grisoni, also known as THG.

What do we think? Yea? Nay?

I keep coming back to this stuff from THG. I think the idea of French bath fixtures feeds a deep-seated need I have for tap handles like this.

Haughty I know, but boy oh boy does that amuse me.


  1. well, as you may know, i completely believe in the whole inanimate-objects-of-lust-and-affection thing, especially as it relates to kitchens and bathrooms, BUT yes that is a classy sink, i would relate it to the sartorial trend of crisp clean highly tailored handsome styles.. (nice, you like that fashion plug? haha)

    HOWEVER Paul, good grief that faucet, you should have blurred it out! That is just obscene haha.. as a professional and self proclaimed faucet snob that thing needs to go - maybe the handles are cool, hard to tell from the picture but whoa spout.. and what on earth is going on with that teapot-blobby roman tub?! i hope that isn't like a multi-thousand dollar French designer 24k gold bath suite.. well everyones a critic ;)

    on the other hand i love and respect THG & i have a personal passion for the vintage, inspired by a project you may or may not have seen prototyped in NYC earlier this month with Brizo - SHH... but i hold a special place in my heart for timeless elegant style (like Coco Chanel pioneered, whom i completely idolize..) but true classic enamel work on bath suites are fab - like those cute little French index caps and all! it would be really funny if they were in Russian or something though :)

    .. well i must keep up with your blog more regularly, i've missed a bunch of good stuff the last week - been so busy with work no time to even read a blog, gosh! (excuses excuses!)


  2. It is awful, that faucet. Weirdly enough, a lot of the stuff in that price point leaves me cold.

    Russian index caps... Hmmmm...

    Thanks for dropping in Emilie!

  3. Ok. Love the tub. Love the tile. Love the colors. Love the handles on the wall mount lav faucet, but good god, is that just shadows cast on the faucet or is it someone's cheeky idea of having fun with phallic images?

  4. This is a tuxedo of a bath and, yes, the sink is its black tie. Love!!!!

  5. Laurie: The faucet-as-phallus escaped my notice. Until now that is. Now it's all I can see!

    Karin: That sink is really amazing. It's so unusual to see something new in the world of sinks. That definitely qualifies as new. Bravo!

  6. Like the sink. It is like it's own mini tub. Really love the real tub too. And the tile - wow I think it's the first time I've seen black tile in a bathroom. Great to see something new, thanks!

  7. Thanks Michelle. Granted, that's a set at a trade show, but I wonder how that would translate into a home. How difficult would it be to keep a black bathroom clean?

    I was just looking over your blog. Brava! Where in PA Dutch Country did you go to college?

  8. I think there is enough variation with the brown tones in the tile to make the black bathroom not as much of a challenge to keep clean as an all black bath. I know black shows everything, but it really isn't that much more work than an all white bath and so much more striking. And really-- are our clients cleaning their own bathrooms? Laurie that is the first thing I thought when I saw the faucet-- but then again so many faucets tend to lean that way! Love the split finish on the tub and sink though.

  9. You're in plumbing Michelle. What do you think the sticker price on that THG sink and tub is?

  10. Hmmmm... I was just looking at Thg's site the other day-- love the Art Deco tub lines. Anyway my guess would be around $18K for the tub and around $2200 for the sink. I might be high on the sink, but I can't tell what the material is and that would dictate the price point. If it is a composite it could be in the $1500-$1800 range and if it is some form of china or fire clay the higher price point. If you know please tell me if I won what is behind door number 3.

  11. I figured that around where they would come in. If I could afford it, I wonder if I'd ever spend $18K on a bath tub.

  12. That is a bargain compared to some. It gets kind of crazy. Kalista's copper tub lists around $48K.

  13. Isn't funny how being around high end stuff changes your ideas about prices, worth and money. I throw around five and six figure numbers all the time like they're dollars and cents. If I thought about it too much I'd have a stroke.


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