18 March 2010

Psssst... Wanna be an unhappy hipster? Now's your chance

At first, she had attributed the strange scribble on the blackboard to her forgetful memory. Now she descended the stairs each morning with dread, petrified of what the poltergeist wanted to communicate today.
(Photo: Elsa Young; Dwell, May 2008)
If you've longed to have your home or a home you admire grace the pages of Dwell Magazine, now's the time to do something about it. In honor of Dwell's upcoming 10th anniversary, they're sponsoring a contest. To wit:
Dwell wants to see the houses YOU love. You admire our selections in the magazine, and now is your chance to add your own choice to the mix. The editors will review all the entries, and will select a top tier of twenty finalists. This is where you and your friends come in—once the top twenty finalists are posted online, we'll open the floodgates and invite a frenzy of online voting. We will make the final call, but the submissions that receive the most votes will have the greatest chance of appearing in the 10th anniversary issue of Dwell—October 2010.

Nomination period ends: March 30th, 2010.

If you're really lucky, Unhappy Hiptsers will pick up the photo after your spread runs.

Nutmeg sat stoically atop the cushions. Yet her internal dialogue was a cacophony of discordant thoughts, 
mostly centered on the absurdity of the double Nelson clocks.
(Photo: Joao Canziani; Dwell)


  1. OMG. The entries for this are going to be insane.

  2. ladies and gentlemen, it's the ever lovely and gracious Tula Jeng. Applause please.

    I think that contest will be interesting for usre. Once Dwell picks the finalists, they're throwing it up to a vote. I'm looking forward to seeing who places.


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