18 November 2008

Top down blinds from Smith and Noble

I had a request form a reader over the weekend, and he asked me about where to find blinds that opened from the top down like these ones I'm showing here.

This is called a "top-down" mounting and it's usually done with honeycomb blinds, wood blinds and sometimes on Roman shades. I'm sure that it's done on other kinds of window treatments as well, but I'm skating out onto some pretty thin ice when it comes to offering advice on how to treat a window. The point of top-down mountings is to admit light while preserving privacy at the same time. I always think of modern spaces when I'm asked about this kind of window treatment, but there's no rule stating that you can't do something like this in any room. Go for it, and if you're going to go for it, spend some time with Smith and Noble.

Anyhow, the images I'm showing here are all from Smith and Noble, the mail-order window treatment pros. Their top-down mountings are sold as an upgrade to their custom blinds and shades. I can vouch for these people personally --I've been thrilled with every transaction I've ever done with them. Check it out.

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