30 November 2008

Thank you!

At around 11 o'clock this morning, visitor number 10,000 stumbled onto this blog. Thank you!


  1. Paul,
    Nancie Pipgras connected me with the most recent item on Carole, and after scouring it, I of course went straight to the Italy part.

    Next time your flight is delayed and you're killing time with free WiFi, I have some fun photos of a recent choir alumni Rome tour on my blog at juliericheymosaics.com. It's iWeb, easy to make but you have to surf backwards to January 4. (Like I said, when you have time to kill). Keep up the great work. I'm doing a kitchen remodel for a client so will be exploring your links!


  2. Hey! It's the famous Julie Richey of Nightshirt fame. Look around to your heart's content. You led a mosaic tour of my bella Roma? Oh wow! Oh wow indeed. Rome's my favorite city on the planet and I have always wanted to spend time there with someone who really gets the history of the place.


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