05 November 2008

Hey! I found a great furniture store in Saint Pete

One of my current jobs consists of gutting and renovating a mid-century marvel in Saint Pete. I've mentioned the job before, it's the one that involves all of the Carrera marble and dark, dark cabinetry. Anyhow, part of this renovation involved opening up a rather odd great room in the center of the house. It's odd in that it's about 25' x 18' and it has really wide doorways into it on three sides and a nearly full-length window on the fourth side. It's about as open as an open floor plan can get.

I'm pretty good at coming up with furniture and space plans, but how to turn this great room into a combination media room, living room and reading room while at the same time keeping the traffic patterns open through the middle of the room has eluded me.

Enter the amazing David King of Doma Home Furnishings in Saint Pete. David worked on the space planning for another one of my whole-house re-dos a couple of months ago and the clients who hired him can't stop talking about him. David's first store is on 22nd Avenue, North in Saint Pete and he recently opened a second location in South Tampa. All of the particulars about their locations and hours are on their website, Doma Home Furnishings.

Finding decent, reasonable and appropriately scaled furniture in our market can be a real character builder for some reason. I get tired of saying "Ya hafta go to Miami for that," and now that David King and Doma are a growing presence in this market, I don't have to any more.  So if you're in the market for some interesting home furnishings or if you just want to see what's out there as you plan a future purchase, stop in to see David and the rest of the gang at Doma.

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