09 November 2008

European Kitchen Design

I added another blog to my blogroll the other day after hearing from the man responsible for it, Amir Ilin. Ilin maintains what's easily the most exhaustive resource for European and international kitchen design and cabinetry on the internet. Ilin is a kitchen designer based in metro New York and his company, Kuche+Cucina, has two showrooms, one in Paramus, NJ and the other in Madison, NJ.

Kuche+Cucina has been in business for two decades, during which they have designed and installed some three thousand kitchens. When I stop to consider that I do between 25 and 30 a year, their number staggers my mind.

Amir's blog, european-kitchen-design.com, goes light years beyond the products and brands he sells directly and instead concentrates on what's available. It's interesting. When I think of European cabinetry, I think in terms of the slick minimalism that I love so much. But European and international offerings aren't limited to the shots from his website I have on this page. I mean, check out this beauty from Les Rustiques sur Mesure. If you like all things Provencal, why not go to the source?

Spend some time with Amir and learn about what's possible.

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