14 November 2008

One last source for wall decals, I promise

Well this has turned into a week about wall decals, so in that vein I'm going to showcase some offerings from across the pond.

Mira en tu Interior is a Catalan company based out of Barcelona and they bring an interesting, human angle to this wall decal thing. They use a lot of large human hands in their designs and I think it adds an interesting dimension. Mira en tu Interior's website shows off their entire, extensive collection and you can also buy form them directly. The prices are in Euros, but now that a dollar's worth 80 cents against that currency, buying from Europe hurts a lot less than it did six months ago.

The link I'm providing to their site will take you to their Catalan, home site. Looking over their collection while it's labeled in the language it was intended seems cool to me for some reason. And I don't speak a word of Catalan, although I love how it sounds. But fear not, there are buttons at the top of the page to take you to the Castilian and English versions of the same site.

If you're ever in the mood for an adventure, order something off the web in a language you don't speak some time. I swear, it's little things like that that keep me young. Anyhow, just look at this stuff!

I just signed with another client to do a pretty modern renovation in a home out on the beach. This thing's going to have huge expanses of wall and these wall decals will figure into this job if it's the last thing I do.

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  1. Hello, would you happen to know who is the author of the first image?

    I was wondering because I saw a guy in FB that posted that image as if it was a creation of his, and I'm pretty sure he didn't make it.



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