16 November 2008

A media meltdown to go with the financial one

Ach du frickin' liebe Zeit! There's a media meltdown underway kids and since it's Sunday and I need a design break, here goes:

One of my regular online readings is Consumerist. Consumerist mixes smart-alecky advice and anecdotes with real financial advice. Consumerist details the finer points (and a lot of blunt ones) of a consumer culture that's collapsing and I just learned that they are being spun off by their parent company and are on the block to the highest bidder. The very same collapsing consumer culture Consumerist covers has advertisers spending less money and sites like Consumerist are feeling the pinch from this contraction. I think that defines irony pretty well. Consumerist generates an enviable amount of web traffic, so I doubt they'll go away completely. I just hope that they end up with a new owner who lets Ben Popken do his thing with something close to editorial freedom.

Anyhow, Consumerist ran a piece last Friday that has had me laughing since. Hands down, this is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Petty and sophomoric? You bet! Here's the link to Consumerist. There's a link to the whole story in the Consumerist piece, so just follow it. They can use all the click throughs they can get! Here's an excerpt:

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