02 November 2008

I added another design blog to my blogroll

I found Susan Palmer Designs by way of Kelly Morriseau's Kitchen Sync. Susan Palmer Designs has a great website and she maintains a design blog there. Check it out. Susan's blog is another great site for design ideas and advice that's specific to kitchens and baths. Her blogs are good-natured and informative. Her passion is palpable and her design sense is impeccable.

So between Kelly at Kitchen Sync, Richard Edic at Richard Edic Designs, Ann Porter at KitchAnn Style, Susan Palmer and me, there are five resources run by designers who blog and maintain a web presence as a public service. This is a pretty cool development. Feel like doing some research? All five of us maintain pretty extensive archives. Want to ask a specific question? Ask!

Between the five of us too, there's a wide diversity of opinion and experience. Each of us works different ends of the market and in locations from Honolulu to Naples, from Northern California to Upstate New York. Imagine, five great minds at your disposal. Ain't the Internet cool?

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