23 November 2008

And then I got "friended" by an artist whose work I admire

After hanging out with my nieces and nephews a couple of weekends ago, I went out and joined Facebook. At the time, I thought it was a grasping for my lost youth, but once I got my profile up and running I got the bum's rush from all kinds of people from my past. People my age even. Amazing. It's really neat to touch base with people from my newspaper days in Pittsburgh, my wild days as a vagabond or even people I knew in High School. And while all of these people are climbing out of my past, all of my nieces and nephews and current are in there too. I've moved around a bit in my day and it's an amazing thing to see all of these people who have known me at various stages of my life all arrayed in one place. Check it out.

Well on or about day two I ran into Portland, OR-based artist Matte Stephens, whose work I profiled in a blog entry on 11 July, Great rooms deserve great art. Matte's work is gaining more attention in the art and design world and he still sells prints of his work through Etsy. His Etsy shop is called Braniac: the Art of Matte Stephens. I love this guy's stuff as much now as I did when I first became aware of him last spring.

There's a playfulness to his work that really appeals to me, but it's working on an adult level. There's a studied whimsy and a sense of adventurous joy to his paintings, and he takes his simple shapes and spins a narrative that just draws me in. Really, I could look at this stuff for hours.

So pop on over to Matte's shop on Etsy and see the rest of his work there. It's a great way to spend some time and to spend some money. The man's going places, believe me.

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