22 November 2008

More great concrete from Gore Design

I wrote yesterday about the beautiful concrete sinks Gore Design Company designs and makes, and I have to admit that I'm really taken with them. I'm pretty smitten not only with the sinks, but the rest of the stuff Gore Design Company does too. The same studied awareness that attracted me to their sinks is written large all over their other offerings as well.

Here's a table in their showroom in Tempe. The table's called, appropriately enough, the Fern Table. It looks for all the world like something you'd come across during a hike in the back country. But only just enough to serve as a reminder of that hike. These guys know precisely when to pull back and whisper rather than shout.

Check out these detail shots from the same table.

Here's a counter from their studio. The gang at Gore seems to love cantilevers as much as I do. Note the lack of support of this counter. Cantilevers are a smart person's design element. Their use requires a thorough understanding of the laws of physics and there can never be enough physics appreciation, I say. Anyhow, here's that counter.

And here's a detail shot of it. You can see the same topographic map/ erosion effect that's in the sinks I was gushing about yesterday.

And speaking of cantilevers, check out this table.

As cool as that table is though, I think my favorite thing on their website has to be this lounge chair. And yep, it's made from concrete and wood. Astounding.

I could go on for days about the wonders in their portfolio, but rather than my babbling, head over there yourself. Once again, here's the link to Gore Design Company. One last thing though, I've been in touch with Brandon Gore (he put the Gore in Gore Design company) and he sent me some photos of some things they are working on now. Man. I'll be writing about these guys for a while and wait 'til you see what's in the works.

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