20 November 2008

GE has a bright idea

GE has a bright idea all right and a pretty helpful website when it comes to lighting design. If you go to GE Lighting's website, there's a hot link on the right side with the title Design with Light. That Design with Light section offers a wealth of practical ideas and applications of lighting design. Accurate and sensible approaches to lighting design from a consumer's perspective are next to impossible to find. From my perspective, I'm happy to see that there's a lot on that site for me to learn too. It's a win win and GE deserves some praise for getting this right.

So far as practicality goes, there's a section titled Mood Lighting. Mood Lighting takes a lighting goal for a room, explains how to go about achieving that goal and then recommends GE products to make it all happen. Unlike a lot of corporate how-to stuff on the web, this one's pretty transparent and they don't go overboard on the corporate BS. Check it out and learn how to make a room








Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

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