15 November 2008

Mid-Century Modern from the source

Here's an excerpt from a Chevrolet-produced film from 1958. "American Look" is a great glance back at the images and ideas that were being pitched to American consumers 50 years ago. I think this stuff's amazing, sort of a real-life episode of Mad Men. Go ahead, spend less than five minutes watching this. It's wild to see how much of the stuff in this movie is still around. There's even an Eames Chair in an office toward the end.


If you're feeling particularly adventurous, here's the whole 28 minute film.


If you watch the whole thing, it's an homage to the designer of 1958. And that's designer defined to include industrial design, interior design, package design, fashion design, architecture and more. These images are just gorgeous and they look back at a time when the conventions of what things should look like seemed to be thrown to the wind. Amazing.

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