03 November 2008

I can predict the Futuro Futuro

Futuro Futuro is an Italian manufacturer of really slick kitchen ventilation systems. They appeared on my radar about four years ago when I was first mastering the art of Italian-inspired minimalist design. This is their Jupiter hood that was the beginning of my great and enduring love for Italian range hoods.

It doesn't get more minimal than this. I can't vouch for how well they work, but man-oh-geez is this thing gorgeous. It's on sale right now for around $1700 and while that's in no way inexpensive, compared to their competitors that price is a bargain to end all bargains. Here it is in a room setting:

Well, I'm thinking about range hoods again because my terrific sister-in-law's terrific sister asked me to design a kitchen renovation for her last weekend and I've spent the better part of this week hatching a plan. I need an island hood to replace an ill-advised pot rack and my mind went immediately to Futuro Futuro's Europe Station which I'm showing below.

That thing's 72" wide and at $3500, it's priced to sell. I don't know how successful I'll be with that sale, but doubts never stop me. But really, isn't that a lot more attractive than a pot rack? For the life of me, I'll never understand the appeal of a pot rack.

In the meantime, take a stroll through Futuro Futuro's website. They are one of the few businesses who will sell directly to homeowners when it comes to this sort of thing and their site is chock full of pretty pictures and jargon-free technical information. I recommend them as often as I can.

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