24 November 2008

Check out U Gallery

Since I've been on an art kick lately, check out this painting.

That's Three Guys in the Trees by Will Halstead from the University of Arizona. It reminds me of a memory of my brothers. It's pretty funny actually. Three men sharing the same space yet all three looking in different directions.

Here's another one:

That's The Red House by Rachel Miller from the University of the Arts. It takes me back to the small town I called home when I was a kid. And how about this?

That's a collage called Caught by the University of Georgia's Cosumina Hardman. It's a snapshot of why I live near the beach.

Great stuff, all of it. And it's available through a unique website called U Gallery. U Gallery sells student art from around the country and it grants a huge audience to artists who would otherwise toil in anonymity. Student work has a raw energy to it that I always loved when I was a student myself, and it's something I appreciate still. Think about it, student artists are in the process of finding their voices and the same time they're cocooned  in an environment that encourages and challenges them to take risks. The galleries on U Gallery's site speak to this eloquently.

This site's a great way to fill your home and your life with art. What a great thing to do too, buying student work. Starting out as a painter or a sculptor or a photographer has to be the toughest lot of all, yet some people still do it. As a culture, we're better for it immeasurably. To get a sense of what I mean, go over to U Gallery and see for yourself.

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