07 November 2008

More great photography from Jennifer Squires

In September, I wrote a profile of the work of photographer Jennifer Squires. Well, since that posting appeared, Jennifer took a vacation in Greece and her resulting photography has me aching for the Mediterranean. Check out some highlights.

Ahhh. Gorgeous stuff Jennifer. Jennifer's photography is available for sale in her shop on the great website Etsy. Prints of her photos are available in many sizes and I can see a collection of these images gracing the walls of a guest bath or enhancing an entryway. Jennifer has a way of noticing things, of exalting the every day and her perspective is certainly welcome in my home. Drop in and look it over. There's an escapist and ethereal quality to her photographs that I can't get enough of. I feel as if I'm floating over her subjects, whether the subject is a Greek hill town or a peony. You can see even more of her work on her website here. Keep it up Jennifer!


  1. Paul, thank you so much for your kind words and all your support!


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