08 November 2008

Sarah Susanka speaks

In case you missed it on Thursday, the great Sarah Susanka left a comment under my posting for the day. Now, I'm not one who's usually prone to idol worship or star struck-ness, but man! To say that made my day is an understatement. Thank you Sarah!

Her comment was in response to my post about the upcoming release of her new book, Not So Big Remodeling. And once more for good measure, here's how you can pre-order a copy for yourself.

Is that too naked a plug? If so I'm sorry. But this woman has tremendous things to say and if I can do something to spread the word than I'm happy to.

Here's what she had to say on Thursday:
Dear Paul,

Thanks so much for your enthusiastic support of my books and of the "not so big" sensibility. When I began writing this series just over ten years ago, little did I know that they would influence so many. 

The really exciting part about this next book, Not So Big Remodeling, is that it offers people who are not trained in architecture or design a way of thinking about the remodeling process which I've never encountered in print before. It teaches them what architects and designers know to do--start by considering the simplest and least invasive strategies first and work up from there. My co-author, Marc Vassallo, and I have attempted to take the reader through a step by step approach to the remodeling process in a truly not so big way.

It is our hope that this book will serve homeowners, architects, designers, and remodelers alike to improve the quality and character of our existing housing stock, which as we point out, is one of the greenest acts you can take. 

It's easy to make a new house sustainable, but rehabilitating our existing homes and allowing them to continue to age gracefully is a bigger challenge. That's what this book is all about. 

All the best,
Sarah Susanka

Amen sister, I can't wait 'til my copy shows up in February.

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  1. I know what you mean -- I love her ideas about space and storage and have most of her books; most likely I'll get this one too. I met her a couple of years ago at a talk she gave in the Bay Area but doubt very much she'd remember. :D

    Thanks to her, I've talked more than a few clients out of additions in the past few years; much easier with her "help" and the pictures.


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