28 November 2008

LG gets caught making bogus claims

In July, I wrote a posting about LG's inflated claims of making "green" solid surface counters. I asked, somewhat rhetorically but not really, if LG means "Life's Good" as their ads claim, or does it mean "Lies Gratuitously?"

Well, they seem to be at it again. Ann Porter, who writes the great blog KitchAnn Style, has the following announcement in her blog today: LG caught Under Reporting Energy Consumption
In September LG’s French Door fridges were tested and showed an energy usage 100% higher than the energy use promised on the fridge’s DOE Yellow Card.

It was reported that LG had programmed its refrigerator controllers to be able to identify DOE test conditions so that certain electrical functions are shut down when those conditions are met. When the 90F ambient test condition was met the auto-defrost shuts down, saving lots of power, and lowering their Energy Star test result.

Beware the Home Center folks. See Ann's article for rebate and recall info.

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