18 January 2009

St. Pete slideshow

I love where I live and I'm fortunate to have an experience of Florida that's not the typical sprawl of suburbia most people see when they live in this part of the world. St. Petersburg is unique among Florida cities in that it's a city of neighborhoods and these neighborhoods came to be over the last 120 years and were already platted out and developed by the time the car came along. This makes for a walkable place, a city of front porches and wide sidewalks.

There's a real sense of community here in my neighborhood and I think it's due in a large part to the fact that our homes are set close to one another and such garages as there are, are located in the back where they belong. This makes it difficult to isolate and it forces us to interact with each other. Neighbors don't say strangers for very long when you see them every day.

Anyhow, I took a leisurely walk on Sunday afternoon and I took my camera, something I've been promising myself to do forever. This neighborhood is so filled with interesting nooks and crannies it's impossible to take anything BUT a leisurely walk. Anyhow, here's a slide show of my walk around the 'hood.

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