13 January 2009

Check out Willow Decor

On of the great joys of writing a design blog is the chance I get to meet people who write on the same topic. My fellow bloggers are a great source of inspiration and camaraderie and though I've never met any of them in person, I feel an instant affinity for these fellow travelers. So I'm glad to welcome interior designer Gina Milne to my growing network of design blogs.

Gina writes a blog called Willow Decor, a site I mentioned in an earlier post about the work of Christopher Peacock. I had a request from a reader to track down some lighting that was featured in a Peacock publicity shot and Gina had already done the research by the time I stumbled upon Willow Decor. Bravo Gina for making me look smart!

Gina is a current resident of Boston and former resident of Munich. She's the proud owner and gradual renovator of a slate-roofed Royal Barry Wills Colonial Revival home, and her writings are seasoned with her own experiences in period renovation. The woman knows her stuff and her research is painstaking to say the least. She shares what she learns freely and with a writing style that's best described as neighborly. I recommend her blog and her opinions completely. Please give her a read when you're thinking about clean and classic design.


  1. Paul,
    What can say but THank You, Thanks You, Thank You! You are very kind to feature me and I am very humbled.

  2. It's my pleasure Gina, you do a great job. Now send the link to all of your friends. Hah!


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