23 January 2009

Guardate questa bella nuova tabella!

That means "Look at this beautiful new table" in Italian, and being in the presence of Carrera marble makes me wish my Italian were better.

This is another beautiful, honed Carrera counter that went in this week. The room in question was an addition made to an existing bungalow in a historic district. The kitchen needed to serve as a gathering place for the homeowners and so we decided to put a large kitchen table in the middle of the room.

Originally, I wanted to find an old table base and just get a marble top on it to match the marble kitchen counters I'd already specified. But I couldn't find a decent old table base to save my life.

So I drew one and had it made instead. It was nothing remarkable, just a set of base columns in cherry to hold up a table that measured 42" x 72". Well, it arrived this week, it's beautiful and my clients are thrilled. In looking at it now that it's done I'm pretty proud of it too. Lesson learned? Honed Carrera is my favorite thing on the planet. I love it even more than I thought I did.


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